Being called "sweetie" "sweetheart", good or bad? (Girls answer please!)

I've been talking to a really cute girl a lot lately, we've been friends for a while, but just recently I think we've gotten a bit closer, and she started calling me "sweetie" and "sweetheart", and I Google'd it and most people (AKA men) say it's terrible.

She texted me me:

"Awww hi :D that made me smile again you're such a sweetheart!"


"I'm going to bed now I'm really tired, I'll text you tomorrow I feel it's my turn :) Night sweetie :) xxxx"

I've never heard her use those terms before when talking to anyone, are the guys right is it a sign of friend zone-ness?


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  • One of my friends calls absolutely everyone "sweetie", but not quite in the same context that you've described above. See, the context of when the girl is using "sweetie" or "sweetheart" is everything, but either way, it's definitely not bad, considering that it's a term of endearment. I wouldn't trust what dumb men on google say, trust what we say here :) Haha. But seriously, you can't listen to what guys commenting on other guys' situation say, because they're not privy to what's going on with you, so it doesn't apply! This girl definitely seems like she's feelin you, so you must be doing something right. xx. :)


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  • i don't call anyone a sweetie. I would only if I liked the guy. I think she likes you :). I would suggest talking to other guys that know her to see if she says stuff like that to them. good luck!

  • Good thing...i only say it if I have some form of attraction to them

  • u have not been friend zoned ! she is digging you big time... she calls you these names because she really does think your a sweet heart , I'm just like that with a guy at work that I'm crazy about ,i call him things like that , that I wouldn't say to anybody else! that because I'm flirting with him ,trying to get his full attention, and in her texts ,shes firting and being all sweet and cute because she really likes you ask her out ...she wants you too (:


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