He wants to spend all his time with me?

OK, so my boyfriend texts me all the time, I don't mind that, he tells me he likes me more and more everyday, and we think a lot alike (which is really weird), but he is always wanting to spend time with me, I haven't dated anyone before him, so I'm not quite experienced, and on our first date, he introduced me to his mom and dad, he also talks about the future, for ex. we will deal with that when we get there. and he is always really sweet to me, one of my guy friends said that he was going to punch me, and my boyfriend said, no you won't because you'd have to get through me... am I correct in thinking that he is really into me? all advice is appreciated.

now he is talking about kids... which is getting really ackward... talking about how if we use a condom, it'd be his very first time, since all his other gfs were taking the Pill


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  • My first, and only, boyfriend was like that...we don't speak anymore because it went too far. He insisted on being on the phone with me all the time and I was pretty much out all day on Saturday because I had a bunch of rehearsal's to go to. He knew this but he still called me all day long leaving messages that started around 10 AM with, "Hey, I miss you, call me back, I just wanted to see what you were up too, give me a call when you get this," and by 5 when I was back at home they were, "You know what, I know you're cheating on me. I know you have breaks between rehearsals. Don't even bother calling me back because I know you were cheating on me all day." He was also aware that most of the guys I had rehearsal with were gay.

    What started as sweet grew into a nice kind of protective which grew into controlling. After 3 months he was making me cry every day over stupid things. He tried to distance me from my friends, he tried to control what I watched on TV (we were dating during the 2006 world cup and yelled at me when he heard it in the background because he said that I was just fantasizing about the players and that if I really loved him I wouldn't watch it), I finally did start calling him between rehearsals, not that it mattered because he'd still accuse me of cheating. In the middle of all this he was also planning our future together and trying to get me to apply to the same schools as he was and pick a major where we could have classes together. Looking back on it I can say it was a nightmare and scarring enough that I haven't really wanted a boyfriend since. Every time there's a guy I like that one relationship is what I think of and how I was upset all the time. Hopefully yours won't end up that way but introducing you to his parents so fast, constant texting, and planning your future are all things that if they happened to me I'd freak out and run the other direction


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  • WOAH NELLY BACK DIS BEOTCHY MU CHATCHY UP. dating isn't a fast food restaurant!

  • wow moving in way too fast lol


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  • what are you asking? lol I can't really find your question here..

    yes he's into you lol he's your boyfriend isn't he?

  • Hes not just into you he's sprung.!

    I think he's moving too fast.

    How long have yall beeen dating?

    If you don't like him doing all these things, tell him.

    • we have been dating for a week.

    • Yeahh, He Is Moving Way Too Fast.