Am I jealous of my girlfriends cat?

I have been dating a girl for about three months now. She has a cat that has been her pet for nearly 12 years. She told he up front that he was very special to her, but I don't think I realized how special.

I understand he's been a priority and the only constant in her life for 12 years. But I feel like I'm a third wheel when it comes to the cat. The other night she nudged me off of her so the cat could sleep on her. The cat sleeping with her happens a lot and is my biggest irritation. She won't cuddle with me if the cat is on the bed, which he usually is. He cries all night until she let's him up. It feels rejecting to have to roll over so the cat can feel comfortable in the bed with her.

This happens on the couch, relaxing after work. She makes accommodations for the cat, but I am on my own side. We visited her parents this weekend and I ended up in a spare bed so there would be room in hers for the cat. It has me furious that I got shuffled into a different bed for the sake of a cat.

I'm not sure how to talk to her about how I feel. She got offended the last time I tried to bring it up. Does anyone haveany suggestions?


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  • Hells nah. You can't let a cat outshine you man! Tell her straight up that you are tired if being seconded by a feline and you demand more attention or your out of there. Second option is to either drown the cat or Catnap it and leave it far away from home.


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  • LOL! I think you are and I also find it funny. He`s an animal for goodness sake haha

    Just tell her you feel the cat has more of her affection than you do and you feel left-out. Tell her you would like it if she paid more attention to you than she does to the cat. Try to ompromise/negotiate with her.

    Ps don`t follow thatguys second option although by law, you can not get arrested for killing a cat in England because it is considered a wild pet.

    Just say "IT`S ME OR THE CAT" and if you decide to follow my advice and it turns out to be the latter, don`t blame me, I was just trying to help. =)

  • At first I thought you could wait it out for the cat to die, but then I googled cats ages and he could live til he's 21. That's way too long for you to wait.

    I think that you'll have to talk to her about it again. She'll probably get defensive. Maybe try to compromise with her. I would also look online to see about how other people who have had similar issues handled it. I'm sure that you're not the only person to have ever felt like you were the third wheel due to a pet.


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  • Here's the plan paint yourself to look like the cat attach a tail and then crawl around on all fours

  • LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. The title alone made me laugh. Now let me go back and read the situation.

    BE a man and draw a line! Give your girl a ultimatum. You or the cat!

    Or you can just do a catnapping! :D.