How often should a couple see one each other?

I'm the kind of person who is BIG on quality time. But my girlfriend is like an hour away and claims that she's so busy with work that kind of travel time makes it unrealistic to see one another more than maybe twice per-month. And we NEVER go anywhere together. Am I crazy to think this is too little time spent together when she hangs with friends every day and I'm willing to make the drive?

How many times per month should a couple see each other, minimum?

  • Vote A Daily
  • Vote B 4-7 times per week
  • Vote C 1-2 times per week
  • Vote D 2 times per month
  • Vote E Once per month or less
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I meant for the second poll choice to be 4-6 times per week... sorry for the redundancy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Look If a girl is into you she will

    Make time to see you as often as possible. She'd rather see you than her friends. U'll be her top priority. This the case ALL the time. No exceptions. This is the way women are wired. For that we get labeled as "clingy". Where as to us it is just being loving and caring. If this is not happening then I'm sorry to break it to u, but she simply isn't into u. So don't fool yourself or try to rationalize the situation. You have two choices here 1) adjust and lower your expectation of this relationship. 2) leave her ass. Make it good. :)