When a guy doesn't call when he says he will?

I have this problem it seems like with every guy I'm ever with or even just friends with. The guys say ill call you later or call me whenever.So what does that mean?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It usually means he's not very dependable and any relationship you might have with him will be the same. It also means he's not very interested in you because to them that's an easy way for them to not get too involved or have to explain. That's about like, I'll talk with you later. That means nothing and no commitment. Some guys mean that when they say. I'll call you later. Or I'll see you later. Don't take that personally. However, if you want to conquer that, the next time a guy tells you that, kinda confirm that. If he says, I'll call you around 6, then say back, okay at 6 then I'll be looking for your call. If he still doesn't call, let him know asap, and if he doen't have a good excuse, check his name off your list and never answer his calls should he call until he makes an apology to you.