"Boyfriend" doesn't call or text often, if not at all?

This guy I have been dating tells me he likes me a lot, calls me his girlfriend and talks about our future together. This is our fourth week of dating. We meet each other one to two times a week. He told me early on in the relationship that he doesn't text or dont believe in calling everyday. He once went two days without calling or texting until i called. He also told me that when he goes outstation on work (which can take up to few months in a year), he might not call at all because of work (he is an engineer). He said not to mistaken him for being cold, its just how he is :/. He said he will Skype with me (i am guessing not often). He is now going outstation for two months because of work and has asked me to visit him. When we are out we are intimate and playful. I still havnt met his friends. He hides his tagged pictures on Facebook, and when i asked him why, he asks me to make it visible for him, because he doesn't know how to, to which i didn't bother. He has asked me to check his phone before. He assures me that he is serious. Yet, he never initiated the thought of meeting my friends. He did tell me all his dating past, up to a point of telling me how often he jacks off. He once told me that to be different i should say i love him first before we do it (we thought it would be best to sleep together only if we are in love, doubt it though, its already bloody steamy).

I dont know guys, he just doesn't text me everyday or call me everyday. How can he be serious when im not important enough for a "miss you" text? Is this normal? Can a man go outstation and forget his girl? Yet, when we meet up, he makes plans to see me the following week. I like him because he makes me feel good when im around him yet completely ignored when im not. Oh, he replies when i text him, though not immediately. I already told him to just bloody text just bloody once a day and he has not done so, so far today and i doubt that he will.
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The reason why i babbled on is that I want to know one thing :

Is he into me? Or is he just taking me for a ride until he finds another plaything.
"Boyfriend" doesn't call or text often, if not at all?
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