My boyfriend doesn't call me but always plans stuff....!

my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 7 months now.

for the first 6 months, he would call me and we would make plans and go out, we were very into each other. 2 weeks into the relationship, I said 'i love you' and he said it back, but it was mainly in the heat of the moment. we have/had this amazing physical chemistry but we didn't really get to emotionally connect over the time we were together as we never really had heart to heart chats.

anyway about a month ago he had a massive exam, got really stressed and week before it, we had an argument over the phone and he decided to tell me that we were ' too different' and that we should break up.!

so I told him not to make any rash decisions and that we would talk about it after the exam.

So after the exam he called me, and said that the pressure was gone, but he still felt the same way and he's not sure if he can fall in love with me because we are fundamentally different.!

so I said to him that we have these differences, but we never really made it work. so lets stay together and try to work it out. I also said that I take back the 'i love yous' because it means something to me and when I said it I didn't really mean it, which he agreed with. so after some talking he said look I don't want to fight with you, I can't take back what I said, I'm sorry and lets stay together. so I said fine!

This was all a month ago.since we got back together, he calls me when he wants us to hook up or if he's got an event, but he never calls me just to talk.or then again hardly ever during the week (we are both at uni and are in exams at the moment). This is very different to how he used to be, he would call me quite often, sure there were days he wouldn't but now I'm the one calling 90% of the time.

I was thinking its because of the exams, or maybe because we got back together IN exams that he doesn't call me. Getting back together in exams is shitty because we don't have time to spend hang out till we finish.or talk lots on the phone.but still, a 5 minute call/text message wouldn't go astray!

My question is.since our first break up he has definitely changed his behaviour towards me.

Oh another thing is he doesn't say babe or baby as much, and his texts are short and to the point. What concerns me is the change in behaviour towards me.

He is still making plans with me though, he says we will see each other all the time anyway in the summer, and he's invited me to be at a function in a few weeks as his 'girlfriend'.

Should I be worried about the change in him? Should I continue to call him? Or should I ask him why he hasn't been calling me? Is it because he knows it won't last and won't ever love me.or what? :( I'm happy we are together but I want to connect with him more!
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please I would love to know a few guys opinions.i am stuck here!

do I make the effort to try and get to know him better and make things work OR do should I end things in the summer?
My boyfriend doesn't call me but always plans stuff....!
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