My boyfriend hung up on me.....Should I call back?

K so me and my boyfriend have an alright relationship. It'd be great except for we fight all the time! And it's mostly about me partying because there are other guys there and "he doesn't know what I'm doing and guys can't JUST be friends" even though I invite him and he never comes. And well yah, whenever we fight over the phone and I tell him that he is being ridiculous and I'm not trying to start anything. Well he always hangs up on me! And normally I call right back. And we work things out.

Well last night, I hadn't made any official plans to hang out with him but we had kind of talked about it. Well I ended up hanging out with one of my friends and her boyfriend. Well I call him when I get home and he was all pissy with me so I was like uhm would you have even wanted to hang out with me? And he tells me "stop nagging! " So I come back and say whatever I'm not even nagging

And he HANGS UP ON ME. Well I haven't called him back since last night and I'm not sure if I should or not.

I mean he's stubborn and I don't know if he will even if he wants too.

Please help :)


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  • Sounds like you two have some issues you should resolve if you want to continue in the relationship. I don't know for sure, but it sounds like he might be insecure or have trust issues. If you can figure out how, reassure him that your guy friends are not a threat. Sure plenty of guys have one thing on their mind and would do it with whoever, including plenty of their "taken" friends. But that's not the point. So long as you aren't gonna cheat, there should be no problem. Unless you're only hanging out with other guys. Then I can see why he might be worried. Explain to him that you really enjoy hanging out at these parties and that he either needs to trust you or come with you. As for the fighting and hanging up, I can totally relate. I had a boyfriend who always hung up on me and I had to call him back or he ignored me for days. Eventually, I broke up with him because he acted so immaturely. I think you should call him up, tell him you both need to talk, and figure out if you two can stop fighting so much and come to an agreement on things. Otherwise, you'll both be frustrated with this relationship and it might end badly. Maybe you guys need some time off from each other. I don't know. But I'd say call him and settle things. It might not end up the way you think is perfect but I don't think that leaving it hanging does anyone any good.

    • Yah I called him up and we worked things out, we went through pretty much everything bad in the relationship. We came to the conclusion that we were both on different levels (I wasn't taking everything as serious as him) but now I'm working to be at that level and to be there for him.

      Thanks so much :)

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  • Sounds like neither of you should be in a relationship right now. You both want to do your own thing. The fact that you talked about doing something, but then you did something else would definitely make me mad! I would get upset if a friend did it, but especially if a girlfriend did.

    You seem to want to spend more time partying, and he seems to want to spend time doing other things without you. You two should end it so you don't have to worry about it anymore.


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  • DON'T call back if he really loves you he will call back

  • Call him back! Guys are annoying my guy hangs up on me its just out of angry I usually have to call him back because he is stubborn

    • Should I just pretend like everything is peachy? Or should I say somethin about what happened?