Did my boyfriend break up with me because of stress?

He broke up with me the other day after getting irritated because I asked him a question. It was a simple honest question, he got pissed off at me. So because I did not want to deal with him being difficult I told him I'd call him later. Well a few minutes later he text me saying he did not think this was working right now (I know attempted dump over text. WTF, right?) so I text back saying I wasn't going to do this over text. He calls me immediately saying that he doesn't think we're compatible. So I said okay, and we hung up.

I text him saying that I appreciate him being honest with me and that I didn't have any hard feelings towards him. I went on to say that I hope and wish the very best for him and to take care. All he replied back was "you too". And that was that.

My boyfriend has a lot going on in his life and he even said that he just does not want to be "emotional" right now. He's been depressed and has had trouble sleeping. People at his job are trying to get him fired and he's about to lose his car, plus he payed for an antique (despite me telling him he should have further thought about buying it) car that needed more work done to it than he originally though. So now he's in debt, has a car that's a piece a crap that he now has to figure out how to get rid of and he is in danger of losing his job. Well I tried to be there for him and be positive and uplifting but he got angry at me for even attempting to give him uplifting words. I listened to him whenever he wanted to talk.

The thing is whenever I went to him and confided in him about my problems he would get irritated and angry tell me all of this negative stuff and that I should just suck it up. He felt obligated to tell me what I needed to do despite me telling him I already know what I need to do. He just was so difficult all around.

So do you think he broke up with me because he is just really stressed out right now? I don't know if he will call me back or anything but he was really cold and bitter towards me. I don't want to call him or text him back I feel if he doesn't want to be with me, then I don't want to be with him. I can't force someone to be with me if they don't
Did my boyfriend break up with me because of stress?
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