Boyfriend broke up with me because he was "tired of arguing"

Me and my boyfriend had been dating for one year. I am 20, he is 23. He is a guy with low self-estheem, was a virgin when we met, he had a foot f-e-t-i-s-h. He is the typical guy who spends days in his house playing videogames and never hangs out at night. We met on the internet and immediatelly fell for each other. We liked the same videogames and bands. We don't smoke, drink or hang out much at night. We dated for one year and each time he talked about me to his friends, it seemed like I was a magical being that appeared in his life.

However, he had a kind of sexual "trauma" and didn't want to have sex with me. I waited 8 months for him to have sex with me (with the help of a psychologist). We had sex and he said it was good but overated. Until our one year anniversary, we only had sex 4 or 5 more times. However, during all our relationship, he kept asking girls on the internet to show him their feet over the webcam.

We argued a lot because of sex. Since he didn't want to do it (or wanted me to ask him to do it), I cried often because I thought he didn't love me that way. The fact that he kept asking girls about their feet made me feel so insecure that I eventually invaded his privacy when I saw his Facebook and Skype. I also told him to delete all the girls in his Skype, although he could still talk in forums or see pictures/videos on the internet.

He broke up with me after an argument about sex. I was in his house and nothing happened. I got mad, started to cry and left his house. We didn't break up personally because I was too afraid of crying in the middle of the street. He blocked me on Facebook, Skype, msn, all his videogames. He deleted my number (I presume) and asked me to do the same. He also blocked my friends from his Facebook BUT left them in his videogame's friendlist. My comments on his photos are also still there. He told his friends to never give me any kind of personal information about him. One of my friends talked to him and he said that "he had loved me very much but that he was tired of arguing and lost his feelings for me" (we were together twice or three times per week, just a few hours).

I haven't had any contact with him for 8 days and I plan to keep it that way. For a guy with low self-estheem, who rarely leaves his house, doesn't study much, do you think he will regret his decision? I was an inspiration to him. He studied a lot to make me proud and was enchanted by the way I made him feel. I still can't believe he broke up with me because he felt "pressured and tired"
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Also, his mother and friends told me he seems happy, the same person he was before, just less stressed. His psychologist told me my ex has been lying to him for 4 months, because he kept saying we had a lot of sex when we only had it once per month or even less. When he broke up with me, he said "leave me and my friends alone. We won't come back. Forget me, go on with your life. You'll meet someone new eventually. I am very proud about what we had, but it's over. Delete my number"
Boyfriend broke up with me because he was "tired of arguing"
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