Muslim men and dating?

What should I know about dating a Muslim man? He's lived in America for 10 years and has adapted very much to the American way of living, so I don't think he's very strict with his religion. But I notice differences in our culture and want to know what I should about our differences... Anyone have any insights about their views? I've read a lot of crazy things on the internet and I'm sure he can't be that bad...

Thanks for all your answers - this has really been educational. He's a Turkish guy from Cyprus in Europe. He seems to not practice his religion really at all but I hope I'm not being tricked into being a fling while he has an arranged marriage or a desire to marry a Muslim girl back home (after reading your answers now I'm worried). He just told me it's OK for him to have girl friends stay over his place but I can't do the same with my guy friends. What is that?!


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  • I'm a Muslim guy and I wouldn't mind marrying or dating someone outside of my culture at all. My parents might care a little, but then it would depend on how nice the girl is, is she someone I would take home to my mom?

    It also depends on how conservative the family is and where they are from. (Pakistani Muslims are way more strict than Indian Muslims generally speaking) I do know that with Hinduism or any Indian culture, its a lot easier for the guy to marry someone outside the culture than with Muslims however. For instance, an acquaintance of mine, the lead singer of Lucky Boys Confusion, is married to a white girl. I know other Hindus that are married to white people. Even South Indians (most of which are Christian) have no problem marrying white people, but again, it all depends on the family and community that family belongs to. Some people are strict on sect, for example some Patels will only marry other Patels or people in their caste system. But then again, you have families here where the parents are laid back and don't give a phuck who you marry. With Muslims though its difficult, they despise even marriage between Muslims and Hindus, even if they are from the same country. But like I said, its family specific. If things do work out, you might have to convert to Islam or make some sacrifices, like give up pork. However, if he really loves you, he would be willing to make some sacrifices as well, as in the beginning it might be difficult for people to accept, but eventually they will not care, especially when the babies come along. It also depends on the Muslim sect too. For instance, in my sect, there are already a few people that married outside the culture, one guy married a black woman, and one married a white woman. And one woman married a Hispanic guy, people were taken back a little but no one really cares. If I marry a white girl people might be like "whoa, cool" some might be like "whoa, why?" but at the end no one really would care.

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      Same here; wouldn't mind marrying a non-Muslim girl, as long as mutual respect exists between us. Conservative parents tends to obstruct this practice nowadays, merely because previously they had no (or little) contact with the outside world and prejudice and bias surfaced.

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      Lao vi mitro mai hazara singh delhi wala

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      lol I realized no one down hated you and I think I have an idea why...the very same who are opinionated on hating and stereotyping people probably looked at your answer and said holy sh*t I'm not reading all of that, requires brain activity! lol