First real date with my boyfriend and my sister wants to tag along...

Hello. Next Saturday, I'm going on my first date with my current boyfriend. However, my little sister (16 years old) wants to tag along... I told her I wanted it to be just me and my boyfriend due to privacy and she would feel like the third wheel. Anyway, she IS friends with my boyfriend cause we all play WoW together, but I just really don't want her to come with me..

I've asked her numerous times to just stay at home but she gets mad and tries to pull these guilt trips to me. My dad said he didn't care if she came with me or now she's gonna try to go with me no matter what. I even overheard her trying to get 1-2 of her friends to go with her as well..

Sorry, but I don't feel like babysitting her when I'm on a date...and my dad won't say no that she can't go. What gives?!?!?!? What should I do? This is bullsh*t!


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  • I say ditch her and her friends. She's being a brat (seriously, what is she seven years old?) Your boyfriend will be fine if you, say, go to the mall, she shows up, and you tell him quietly "Let's go to the movies" or something. Or prepare him earlier to ditch your sister. He wants to spend time alone with you as much as you want to spend time alone with him.


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  • You could start by not letting your little sister control your life...

    If you don't want her to go then don't let her go. It's really not that complicated...


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  • Obviously just saying no isn't working but be straight up with her or bitchy if you have is a date and it won't be a date if she wanna spend time with him not her and to stop cockblocking!...maybe she's so stuck on going because she has a little crush on him? Who knows but don't take her leave her