HELP- will my ex regret leaving me? Will he miss me later on? Will we get back? Does he still like or love me? please read long but I need help?:(?

Me and my boyfriend dated for one year, the 10 months were perfect we were both sooo in love he is or was my first love and i was his, he would always tell me not to leave him because i would break his heart if i did. On November he started changing we would see each other and everything was perfect like always except when i would go back home i would send him texts and he wouldn’t reply even if he was online. That would really get me mad so i would argue with him and he would say to calm down and not think wrong, one day we argued really bad that he broke up with me i cried to him on the phone because we usually would never break up and this time it seemed serious. After two days i messaged him and told him can we fix things he said sure when we saw each other he told me he was really mad and thats why he did it i believed him so we got back then on December he broke up with me and i we agreed to be friends because he said it was temporary, he would still text me once in a while then on January he told me to hang out with him i agreed so we saw each other and we got back but then two days later he dumped me again. Then on half of the month January he had put a fake relationship status with another girl even though they weren’t dating they kissed and stuff i bet. On February 21 he quit talking to her because he never wanted nothing serious not even a relationship with her, he called me and he started telling me about old memories with me, we saw each other and we kissed and cuddled everything just felt so right and normal like if we had never broken up before he told me he still liked me. But when i asked he said that he didn’t want to get back just yet an that later on we will get back it broke my heart because i actually thought he wanted me back for real this time. I talked to my sister and she said he is just being dumb right now and that later on he will want me back because deep inside he still loves me. Will we get back? Help


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  • With being as wise as I am here, dear, it doesn't have to be etched in stone, the writing on the wall and all is, he doesn't want to be hooked at the hip with You or anyone right now, for it Seems------He never wanted nothing serious not even a relationship with her...
    However, no matter what, he always runs back to you, the girl in his life for 'one year, 10 months' and hopefully counting. Although he may not want to be in a Real relationship, he is still Missing the Kissing and feels the most comfy and cozy with you, even though things are what they are at the moment.
    I wouldn't say he isn't 'Being dumb' right now, but an Honest John in his own personal feelings. He may still 'Loves me' and maybe things will never go back to the Way we were but one thing is for sure, you both have a chemistry and some magic that may end up keeping you friends and loving one another till the end.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you i really needed to hear that (: , sucks how things change so quickly tho..

    • Oh, you are so welcome, sweetie... Yes, I sure can relate.. I still have a husband I left out in Egypt and never returned for personal reasons... we , however, will always love one another, even though it may be friends in the end and to the end, the magic is somehow there. xxoo

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  • To be honest, this guy keeps breaking up with you. Then he cuddles with you, makes you feel safe with him, then says he's not ready to get back together yet? Umm, ok. I would move on from this guy.

    It sounds to me like he is playing with your emotions. He wasn't answering your messages and when you got upset, he dumped you? To me it sounds like he just doesn't really like you all that much.

    A guy who truly values you as his girlfriend, will make sure you know what is going on. If he can't talk to you, he will tell you ahead of time "Hey babe, just wanted to let you know that my phone is getting fixed. I'll message you when it's done". Simple as that. OR "hey babe, I'm visiting a friend. I'll talk to you in a bit". Boom, that's as simple as it has to be.

    Or if he misses a message, he will say "Hey, sorry about that. I was busy making dinner".

    in my opinion you deserve much better than what this guy is offering. If he truly wants you in his life, he will make time and make room for you, Why is he not ready yet? Sounds to me like he's probably not that interested in being with you. I'm sorry to say, but that's what it sounds like to me.

    A guy who truly cares about you will want you in his life. Simple misunderstandings or arguments are not a big deal when he really loves you.

  • From what u described, I think he doesn't know what he wants. But honestly if both of u r gonna get back together AGAIN, u will face another breakup. Did u realise THIS cycle will keep on repeating without end? This is the most common trend after breaking up and getting back together. The problem between the both of u wasn't solved. If u get back together, the same problem will resurface, and u will break up again. The reason why he does that is because breaking is painful, but at the same time he's missing u. Both of u won't move on properly if this cycle repeats.

    What i suggest is, u break ties with him completely. U may consider connecting back (not relationship but as friends if u want) with him after u r sure that u have moved on.

    This is just my side of thinking. It may or may not be true. But only u can find out. God bless!

    • Oh and to add on, I don't think he truly loves u. If he does he won't do this. I think, haha. But still, I think he just doesn't know what he wants in a relationship.

  • Only time will tell... but for sure he will miss you in some ways, even if the relationship was horrible.

    • Thank you i needed to hear at least that:)

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