How do you feel about dating a virgin?

I am 23 and still a virgin. I recently started seeing someone several years older than me. Does it bother older men to find out they are dating a virgin?

I am not waiting for marriage or anything. It just hasn't really come up in any of the relationships I have been in and the one person I wanted to sleep with broke my heart before it happened. And now that I have waited so long. It kind of scares me. Mostly I am scared of how he will react. If I do decide to sleep with this guy I don't want him to feel pressured because I have waited so long and now I am choosing to sleep with him. I want to have sex. I am just scared because of my lack of experience at this age.

Are older men okay with dating a virgin? Would they prefer someone with experience? I don't event know how to tell a guy I am a virgin. Surprisingly it has never been brought up!


Most Helpful Guy

  • It shouldn't bother him at all! He will probably be ecstatic actually cause at your age for a female that is really a rarity! Don't worry about all the details just let what happens happen the more you worry the more stressed you are going to be when you do the deed! Just relax and enjoy the moment when you get there! In general most guys love knowing that they are dating a virgin cause that means that you haven't been with any other guy before! It's a very good thing! I wouldn't stress over it hun!