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Texting Behavior. Huge breaks between texts. Is she interested?

Just a heads up, This is long and has a ton of detail. I'm not much for meeting people online and getting to know them through technology, but I do... Show More

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  • Honestly, she might just suck at texting. I'm a very scatterbrained person and am always losing my phone, or forgetting to check for messages, and I do the exact same thing.

    • Yeah I think she's just busy/ a bad texter. She started texting me like normal again, and she's the one doin most of the texting so it seems like she's interested. Thanks

    • No problem! Hope it works out :)

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  • wtf. I was going to say she is just trying to make it seem like she is busy, but she clearly sucks at responding. I would try again and if it still was like this ask her what's up with her 8 hour long text message.

    • Yeah good call. But does it sound like she's interested in me? is it a good sign that she texted me right away that next morning? or could that mean anything?

    • Not really if I was interested in a guy and he texted me I would be texting back. It could mean anything, but I would defiantly ask her why it takes so long to get a response and asking that wouldn't seem like your just sitting around waiting for a text back

  • It may be a bunch of things. Some times I get really busy and I'll see the text but not respond and forget and then realize and I'll reply. Why not just give her a call and ask her out on a date. Texting is fun sure but us girls want more than that. You made the initial contact through text now call and make some plans for the weekend and see how it is when you're together. Then you will see if it's just that she sucks at texting or she's really not interested.

  • just ask her, I do the same thing especially if I'm busy and look at the text but can't respond and then I go through my phone again later and I remember to respond lol

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