Guys which girl would you find more appealing and why?

Girl 1: is fairly tall with long legs, has a pretty face, green eyes and dirtly blonde( light brown) curly medium length hair. She has a pretty face, small love handles, a nearly flat toned stomach and small curves but small boobs and a small ***. She is fairly athletic and does excellent in school. As for her personality, she is very shy at first but very outgoing once she opens up and is more of the quiet stay at home. She is nice and caring and can be funny. Girl 2: she has jet-black hair brown eyes ( both of the girls have pretty eyes by the way) and a pretty face and she looks slightly more exotic than girl 1 whereas girl 1 is more of the girl next door type though both are equally beautiful. She is short with short legs and has big boobs and a big butt. She is definitely thicker but her body is untoned though because of her small frame she doesn't look very heavy whereas girl 1 is definitely thinner and a healthy weight. She is also very kind and caring and has a good sense of humor and she is mostly outgoing. She is more of the popular party girl type and is more daring as well as more Tom boyish. Both of the girls are pretty and have good personalities though girl 1 is more of the cute type and can be reserved at times but also outgoing depending on her mood where as girl 2 is more alluring and more of the "hot" type. Oh and girl 2 is more of the type of girl that can hang with the guys whereas girl 1 is not as open but can be depending on the guys personality and interests


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  • since both have good personalities...then I cant' just choose based on facts...I mean when a person mature one discovers that the most important things is how we "click" if you know what I for example both girl and boy are great yet they might not click with each I said, I choose who I feel comfortable with regardless anything else.


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  • Both sound reasonably attractive. It would be based on how we connect and which one seemed more attracted to me.

  • Girl 2. Naturally outgoing women are more attractive to me.

  • Depends on how tall the Girl 1 is

    Cause right now Girl 2 is winning just cause of height

    I'm 5'8''

    • Girl 1 is 5'7" and girl 2 is about 5'3.

    • Yeah then Girl 1

      If we ever went to a formal event though

      She'd have to wear flats

      But maybe Girl 2 just cause confident girls usually know what they want

      And they're a little bossy, and I kinda like it when girls tell me what to do haha

  • Girl 1, since I am tall, and other reasons


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