Smiley faces in texts?

So I asked this girl in my dorm if she wanted to hang out last night. It was only the second time talking to her, and she said she is having dinner with her parents but she asked for my number and said she would call when she was done with them. I was going to go with my roommate also, but my roomie fell asleep and she didn't want to go with only two people :( boooooo.

But anyway, she didn't call but she did text. In almost everyone of her texts she had a smiley face and exclamation point. I know people use exclamation points a lot but the smiley face? Does that show some attraction from her, or do some girls do that out of habit?

Like I got one text from her that 3 exclamation points and two smiley faces. Then after she said she is spending the night with her parents, I asked if she wanted to get lunch during the week and she said "yes! I'm tired of eating alone!" then I said "sweet. have a good night" and she said "You too! :)"

Idk what it means(if anything) so girls, do you send smileys even if you don't like a guy? And guys, if a girl has ever sent you a few smileys, did it turn out that she liked you, or was it just a friendly thing? I mean she also asked for my number, and smiled a lot when we talked for the first time...


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  • Don't read too much into the smileys. I use them all the time, even with my professors in emails. they mean nothing. instead focus on what she's saying. those say more


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  • Girls use smileys all the time without even thinking, but it's not a bad thing. It means she definitely enjoys texting you or feels the want to be friendly to you.

  • It IS possible she does it out of habit, since everyone is different, but most likely the exclamation shows excitement and the smileys show what she feels at that moment. Chances are she is smiling as she's texting you.


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