Blind date tomorrow and I'm nervous!

So, tomorrow, I'm going on a blind date. A friend of mine set me up with a pretty cute guy. (Okay, so, it isn't completely blind. I've seen his picture, but he doesn't know what I look like.)

I'm really scared that he won't find me attractive or interesting. From what I've heard/read, he seems like a great person. I've just been hurt a lot in the past, and staying single/hooking up has prevented me from getting hurt. By going on this date tomorrow, I'm making myself vulnerable again.

So, can anybody give me a confidence boost? I know I should relax, but it's hard.


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  • First off you need to ask yourself if you are truly ready to start dating again. Have you let go of the past or are you still letting it affect how you feel toward the opposite gender now? If you say yes to being ready to date again then you need to not let the past become the present. You have hopefully learned from the past to take it with you to the present and the future. Yes you have been hurt before, but who hasnt. You dusted yourself off each time. The advice I would give to you is just go be yourself, be confident and have fun. If there is a lot of pressure and nervousness do something low key like bowling, where you can have fun yet still be able to talk and get to know the other person. The other thing you could do is just act like its not even a date at all, just someone who wants to have some fun like you. This will take off a lot of pressure too. Good luck! Keep your head up and smile!


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  • Play it cool, don't seem over-eager, act kind of friendly as opposed to working towards a relationship, it'll give him time to make up his mind, instead of seeming imposing. Stay busy with doing different things to take the pressure of things, because there will be enough pressure anyway. Look at him when you talk, ask him a lot about himself and react to what he says (don't just say "oh, yeah?" :P). When choosing what to do, have an opinion but ask him what he wants to do, and if offers to pay for something, refuse him at least once. Also, try to make interesting conversation, and seem passionate about some things, oh and show emotion. That said, he's seen your picture right? So, he kind of knows what he's getting into.

    And yeah I know it's advice and not a confidence boost... apologies for that.

  • Put simply: Just RELAX

    Maybe he's just as shy as you are, you never know!

  • just imagine its an interview


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  • You are special, if he doesn't think that, it's his loss. ^.^