Do guys in relationships text other girls for ego boosts?

Although I know it's wrong, I'll admit that I've texted with other guys when I'm feeling down or even questioning my relationship, but I didn't really have any intention of wanting to physically cheat or anything. It just made me feel better for the moment. If a guy texts another girl when the relationship isn't at its best, could he really be doing it without any real intention of cheating, such as the ego boost? Or are his motives always bad?

The texts are friendly and seem to just be giving updates on their lives, but it's with someone he doesn't have regular communication with, and yes, there was an attraction between them at one time. It happened to me before once where a guy that liked me at one time had texted me in a friendly manner when he was having trouble with his girlfriend. The next day, he felt bad about it and actually deleted my number from his phone. That made me think they can do it for ego boosts, but I'm not sure.


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  • Depends on the content and who you do it with (someone you're attracted to, someone you see often etc...) There is a difference wanting ego boost sometimes, which is fine, and messing around and creating a potential situation for cheating. You only know where you fit.


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  • Depends on what his texts are, it's hard to say which text are "ego boost" or "motivation."

    Either way.. they aren't always bad.


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