I'm scared to text the guy I like...

I have his number and he has mine.We're friends (not close or best friends) and we see each other a lot at school. I want to talk to him more though, but I feel like he'll get mad if I text him. I know he won't, but I'm worried I'll text him while he's at work while he's busy...

How can I force my self to stop being a baby and just text him? We're in high school and he graduates this year, even if we don't get together I don't want to regret not doing anything.


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  • If you don't want to regret anything then do it. Okay you see him a lot at school and you have his number and he has yours. That's a good start. Start smiling at him every time he looks at you. Start talking to you like saying hi to him here and there and then sooner or later start having conversations with him. You have to start somewhere. Everything has a beginning.

    Do everything you possibly can because then you can say "I really did all I could with that guy." Don't look back on this a year later and say to yourself that you could've would've should've when you can do it right now. You only live once. Don't let this chance slip. This is your opporunitiy. You gotta take the initiative because he really doesn't even know that you think of him like that. You at least gotta give him good hints that you're interested in him somehow, some way. Don't let fear control what you really want to do.

    What're you so afraid of? It's not like he'll hate you or anything. If he doesn't like you then it's his loss and that means you can finally get to move on. It's better to know what he really feels about you (well you guys need to get to really know each other first before that) than not knowing so you don't have to keep on wondering about what ifs. You got this. Make sure you're subtle about it. Don't say everything all at once. You have to take it slow. Be the Alpha Female and take the initiative. Best of luck.

    • I don't know why I'm so scared, we talk and joke around all the time at school. I get scared texting anybody whether or not I'm interested in them. I feel like I'll get on their nerves...nobody has ever done anything to make me think that, but I do any way

    • Well if you always keep thinking like that then that'll get you nowhere. I understand where you're coming from, I'm always self-concious about that too. I don't want to annoy people or bug people either but I'm okay if people are doing that to me. You have to start somewhere. You guys talk and joke around all the time in school so I don't think it wouldn't be awkward at all if you started texting him. Seriously it wouldn't be weird. Don't be afraid. Texting him won't hurt. You got this.

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  • Though I think trying to talk more in person or at least on the phone is better, you should just ease off this pressure and worrying you're creating for yourself. If he texts back, awesome. If he doesn't, maybe you'll know his schedule to know when he's busy.

    Put yourself in his position, in the position of someone who is often busy, and you know someone you like is trying to talk with you. How would you handle it? How would you want that guy to manage your business? Just some things to think about... in the end, it's just texting to talk, not such a big deal to fret too much over.


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  • U should text him and he'll text back when he's not busy or has time there's nothing to be worried about I'm sure he wants to hear from you :)

  • Just text him I'm sure when he's out of work he'll text back.