Why does he refuse to take pictures with me?

when we first started dating he would let me take cute pictures with him, now a year later he hates when I want to take just one picture. I have to like beg him and he rarely lets me. and when he lets me he doesn't smile and makes it a horrible pic. I'm not talking about pictures every time I see him. I like to take some if we get dressed up and go out, or if we are somewhere interesting. for example we went to a hot air balloon race and I wanted to take a pic with them in the background because it was cool. he flat out refused. before when we first were dating he never complained and now when I rarely ask to take a pic he goes on and on about me always taking pictures.


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  • I don't really like to be on pictures. If I'm at a party or something, I'll probably do a group photo but will try to avoid the camera if I can. Even when I'm traveling, I'll take pictures of stuff but don't want to be in them.

    It's just the way he is and I know other people that are also like that.


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  • Some religions disapprove of taking pictures of humans.

  • Because he doesn't like pictures.


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  • some people don't like taking pictures of themselves

    He did it before probably because he didn't want to ruin the mood and upset you.

    Now his real feelings about pictures are coming out.