Why does my guy best friend ACT like my boyfriend but say he only sees me as a friend?

So my best friend is a guy whose been acting WEIRD. I put a few convo's down so you can get a clearer picture;


Him- are you catching the bus with me?

Me- Nah, I'm walking.

Him- Why you walking for?

Me- cos I want to.

Him- you're going to see someone

Me- No I'm not



*i kept checking my phone* so he says- Is that the new guy yeah? And I reply- there is no guy. He says- WHATEVER.

-I've asked him straight-up ''do you like me?'' and he says NO. So during one night's conversation I ask him- ''what do you want from me?'' He says- ''i just want your friendship'' SO CONVINCINGLY.


Next night's conversation I LIE saying- ''since its been established you only want my friendship I'm going to start seeing one guy who said he likes me''. He suddenly gets into a strop refusing to tell me what's wrong and tells me he can't talk to me at the moment and that he needs to go. I say fine and he hangs up just like that.

At 6AM HE CALLS ME TO SAY- ''Let's make you and me happen.l I want to be with you''. I refuses to tell me why he said he ONLY wanted to be friends 2 days ago so I reject him.


1. calls me EVERY night (if he doesn't he'll definitely call between 1am and 6am.)

2. said if anything happens to him, I would be the 1st person he calls.

3. asks me about other guys.

4. rushed to be by my side when my mum got taken to hospital.

5. told me he needs me emotionally.

6. (we have a LOT of arguments where I've called him a waste man and hit him) so I asked him why he takes it from me and he said ''you're not just any girl''. I asked him what he meant by it and he said ''you're special''.

7. he has introduced me to his parents and siblings (when I was at his house, his mum let slip that he talks about me a lot)

8. oh and when we're on the bus he puts his arms around me.

All this and to this day he swears he only sees me as a friend. He had in the past admitted he wasn't ready to be in a relationship because he said he wouldn't be able to concentrate on it while he's trying to fix his life. I just don't understand why he won't at least tell me how he feels about me especially as I make it obvious that I feel the same way.
Why does my guy best friend ACT like my boyfriend but say he only sees me as a friend?
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