Guys: How often do you text women after the second date?

Last week I went on a date with this guy (dinner and movie) that I met through a friend. We had tones in common and even arranged to see each other again (his idea and I agreed) and made out in his car when he drove me home. He texted me immediately after the date and again the next day. Then I didn't hear from him for 3 days so I texted him asking 'what's up!?'...he replied and asked me what I was up to tomorrow and then invited me over for a movie. I went over and we basically talked and made out the entire time. I spent the night at his place (we didn't have sex or anything). He woke me up early in the morning because he had to catch a flight to Cali for business (will be gone for one week)...he kissed me goodbye and said he'll text me to arrange something once he returns. It's been 5 days and I haven't received a text from him or anything (not even a 'what's up? How's your weekend?')...However, he does come back home in 3 days.

My question: Does his lack of texting indicate that he is not interested?...

Every guy that I've dated in the past seems to over-text after one date but he doesn't :/


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  • I don't really go by any strict set of rules...I just tend to rely on my gut instincts and go from there.

    When it comes to texting in between dates, it depends on how much time has passed. If it's only gonna be a few days or a week then I probably won't send her any texts. If it's a good bit longer then I will send her a message just to make sure I'm maintaining the connection.


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  • "he kissed me goodbye and said he'll text me to arrange something once he returns"

    A man is usually direct and simple...when he said he'll text you upon return, wait until he returns. SOunds like a good guy to me.

    • Exactly. Men don't speak in codes or with indirect meaning very often, so I wouldn't give this too much thought.

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  • Pretty simple. He's busy away on business. He TOLD you he would contact you when he got back. Thus: ”he does come back home in 3 days.” ... you have 3 days until he contacts you.