Teen guys, would you date an overweight girl?

I'm on the overweight side and I'm really self conscious about it because I have been rejected by quite a few guys but the thing is, since usually teenage boys go through puberty, do they always think that skinny girls are pretty? Or do they think that overweight girls are pretty too, and would you date one? I just want to know how many teen guys out there actually would...


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, most guys don't want super skinny girls. We want girls who are average or slender, but not overweight or full of bones. If you're overweight, most guys won't want you past casual sex. That's the brutal truth of the matter. Guys feel embarrassed to show off an overweight girlfriend, as most of us prefer slender or average (normal, not super skinny or overweight) girls to one who has extra pounds. It is similar to the way that girls almost universally prefer tall guys.