Is it wrong of me to date tall girls and think they are cute?

I'm 6'1 and always liked tall girls. I Like any girls that is like 5'8 or taller but prefer ones that are more like 6 feet or taller. Always thought they were always really cute or angels but some odd reason some people tell me they are scary and ugly? That doesn't make sense. I seen a girl that was like 6'6 and she more beautiful all over than a woman that was short. I like all kings of girls but tall ones are of my favorites and wouldn't mind if she was taller than me. People are like that's odd. I'm like what's wrong with it? :( I mean girls can't be taller or guys can't like a girl for being a tall. On wonder why some tall girls are worried about some guys think of them.


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  • No thing wrong with your being attractive to tall women. That is your preference, it is what makes you the person that you are. We are all have individual likes and dislikes.

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  • I think most women over 6' have come to terms with their guy possibly being shorter than than (I'm only 5'10" and have)

    My family grows 'em tall. My baby brother is 6'5" and has pretty explicitly said he doesn't want to date somebody under 5'7" or so because he feels like too much of a giant.

    I don't want my guy to by shorter than 5'8" so *I* don't feel like a giant,

    No opinion on the opposite is 'weird'. Different shapes and sizes exist, so it only makes sense that people would then have preferences for different shapes and sizes.

    • I understand but some girls I know are just worried about what people think of them if they don't date a guy that is taller than them not mention you worrying about looking a giant is what some of them say. Does because you are taller than average doesn't you bad. Enjoy what is different about you which the problem I see with some of them

    • I'm not afraid of looking like a giant, just feeling like one! So if a guy is really tall but way thinner than me sometimes I still feel like a giantess. I can give a rats ass about what others think, it's just important to me that I feel comfortable. Your female friends need to do the same, or they're passing over a lot of awesome life opportunities.

    • Well there isn't anything wrong with feeling like one. Like term "giant" isn't bad. It just means something big or really tall. You should be using as way to feel beautiful not be against what you are. You know how big boobs, booty, and etc are so popular? Okay so can you be with being tall. some people like things larger to taller than average because its unique or just different. Think of it that way

  • I'm short and I think it's great that you like tall girls. It's totally unfair for tall guys to go after girls who are like a foot shorter than them. I always feel guilty when I go out with a tall guy. I feel like I'm taking him away from a tall girl who needs him. So I'll keep the short guys and you go for the tall girls, deal?

    • You aren't taking them away. If the real gentleman is some guy taller than 6ft don't worry about it.

    • I don't know, I feel like I'm being rude to tall girls by dating tall guys. I prefer shorter ones anyway. Like in the 5'8-5'10 range.

  • Well I'm 5'11 and have gone out with guys between 5'6 and 6'1...kinda weird I guess for a tall girl but I prefer them either shorter or around my height. Even the 6'1 guy I was taller than in heels. So no I don't think there is anything wrong with the fact you're attracted to tall girls. As for me, I like the feel of his hand around my waist with my hands on his shoulders.

    • From what I heard part of the reason some tall girls don't choose to be with a taller is due some of the tall guys being d***s to them and way the short ones seem to respect them better. I wouldn't say odd. People try to say its odd for a 6'1 guy like to want to be with a girl my height or taller. I'm just like whatever.

  • No

    I know guys will hate me saying this because everyone on here prefers tall girls, but research HAS shown guys prefer short girls. That said, guys complain that women shouldn't have height preferences so the same goes for guys.

    Guys shouldn't just go for short girls. Tall ones need love too.

    • Actually research has shown there are more short girls than tall which is why it seems like they prefer short ones. It all honesty tall girls are easily outnumbered by small girls which is why it is like.

      I'm giving anyone liking a certain height. It is just isn't right when that is the main thing I worry. I only had one girl in life that tall the rest were short. I would love a tall girl but some of you lack confidence.

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    • I never claimed I was 100% right that is why I said "part of reason" why some don't go for tall ones as much. Part of it because of that and the other because there's a lack of tall girls.

    • "some people tell me they are scary and ugly?"

      To each their own.

      There's nothing wrong with preferring tall girls...but by asking this it's almost like you're insinuating something is wrong.

      I think if I were to say "Is it wrong of me to date short guys" a lot of people would get offended. I don't though, by the way lol no offense to anyone

  • Well someone has to. God made tall men for the tall women...but the short women usually snatch up the tall men. Enjoy your tall ladies.

    • God never said tall men for tall women. He just just made women for men ;)

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  • Dude, how can this be a question? You don't need somebody's validation to date the girls you like. Just go date them. BTW, tall girls are really cute. They're all legs.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I like girls that are tallish, but not too tall. Around 5'9. I don't really get why short girls here insist everyone wants them, I don't notice that in real life. If anything, I notice the opposite. Many guys end up with short girls, but that's because they are common. Tall girls are not easy to find, they are like green eyed people - rare and unique.

    Anyway, you like what you like, go after the tall girls and enjoy! Good luck!

  • Where I live (a small European country) everyone thinks tall girls are the best. Short is generally considered ugly. I've never even dated shorter than 5'7.

    I know short girls will now say that research has shown men prefer short girls, but that's untrue. Research has shown that shorter girls are more likely to get married, but that's because they have more options, given that girls usually go for men taller than them. So it's about girls' preferences, not guys'.

    • I live in the US most of girls here are with shorter guys. a good chuck of them are like 5'9-6'4. I think some women are against dating certain guys based on height is due to them worrying about how they will look

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    • I live in the western world so I know what I'm talking about. If you're average, like 5'5, then you've got nothing to worry about.

    • I have a boyfriend so it wouldn't matter...and even if I was really short, I know it would be an advantage

      Even QA said guys call the taller girls's unfortunate how things are. Either way, as I tell guys on here, height is height. If you're ugly no amount of height or lack of height will change that, you know?