Is it wrong of me to date tall girls and think they are cute?

I'm 6'1 and always liked tall girls. I Like any girls that is like 5'8 or taller but prefer ones that are more like 6 feet or taller. Always thought they were always really cute or angels but some odd reason some people tell me they are scary and ugly? That doesn't make sense. I seen a girl that was like 6'6 and she more beautiful all over than a woman that was short. I like all kings of girls but tall ones are of my favorites and wouldn't mind if she was taller than me. People are like that's odd. I'm like what's wrong with it? :( I mean girls can't be taller or guys can't like a girl for being a tall. On wonder why some tall girls are worried about some guys think of them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • No thing wrong with your being attractive to tall women. That is your preference, it is what makes you the person that you are. We are all have individual likes and dislikes.