Lady's would you date a guy who wears makeup and dresses feminine?

For example in the media it seems very popular and on trend for men to be wearing makeup and wearing traditionally feminine clothes and accessories. For example Harry Styles is a total heart throb to most people as well as Damiano David from the band Maneskin who are very in trend right now and girls are going crazy for Damiano including myself.

I've always been very into skinny, tall boys with long hair who dress kinda hip and trendy but in reality them boys were rarely interested in me and the ones who did never matched well with my values and opinions. In reality my boyfriend has a skin head, tall with a muscular build and wouldn't be seen dead in anything Harry Styles wears but I still love him to bits and find him highly attractive.

If I ever bought a boy home who wore makeup and dressed fem he'd be laughed out the house and my family wouldn't be able to take him seriously. I'm a average working class person and wear I'm from you'd get beaten the shit out of if you were a obvious male walking around in a dress.

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with men wearing whatever they want I feel people should feel free to express themselves freely as long as it's not hurting anyone and they are willing to be taken the piss out of without getting upset. I just can't see myself in the real world having my Matthew walking around in a maxi dress and eye liner I know men wore this kind of thing throughout history and it was seen as masculine but I wouldn't be able to stop myself from laughing and even if I was dating Harry styles Id probably get board of him dressing like that and tell him to put some average people clothes on.
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For example if Harry styles does it in Vogue he's breaking societies standards on how a man should dress but if Pete it down the local he's abit seedy and getting took the piss out off by everyone
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People don't understand satire on this site do they 🙄
Lady's would you date a guy who wears makeup and dresses feminine?
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