Why would my boyfriend switch off his phone? Does he want to break up?

this guy and I have been seeing each other for a month, everything was going fine so I thought.. I saw him on Saturday night and everything was fine.. we never argued or anything... we messaged each other on Sunday and everything was fine... I messaged him yesterday keeping him informed that was going to the gym , he replied he just got home from work, I sympathised then he messaged back he was going to have a shower and eat and he will message later...i replied with a cheeky comment asking if he needed me to scrub his back, he replied yes , I wrote back I'm coming, just leave the door open, he replied hahaha then are you serious? I replied no I wish, he replied OK I'm going to shower, I wrote enjoy..after his shower he messaged asking about my day, I told him it was the same and how was his and I mentioned he finished late. he wrote yeah I finished late and day was OK, tired, I'm going to sleep,have a good night. I replied good night... all day I didn't message him, hoping he would message me, but didn't, I sent him a text after work asking if he was OK cause I hadn't heard from him and now his phone is switched off...


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  • You sound really, really needy and paranoid. We're talking about one day? C'mon.

    • I wasn't paranoid after all, he's definitely ignoring me and I have no idea why

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  • It's only been one day, I wouldn't be too worried about it yet. It could be something as stupid as he left his phone at a friends house or work and now it's dead.

    • We had an argument in the second week of dating and he turned off he's phone... I'm just paranoid he's doing the same thing but we haven't fought... I still haven't heard from him...

    • He turned his phone on and I called him but he didn't answer and now has it off again... I'm just going to leave it

  • chill out and relax ... he's probably busy