Girls, do you ever want to kiss your guys stomach and chest? Guys, Do you like it?

Pretty much what I said above. The other day my boyfriend and I were laying on my bed talking, and I randomly put my hand up his shirt on his chest while we were cuddling. A little later, I decided to push up his shirt and kiss his stomach. He gave me a quizzical look, but let me. Do guys like this?


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  • I'm a guy, and although my girlfriend has only kissed me anywhere on my stomach or chest once, she always rubs her hands on my stomach and chest. I'm not a really bald guy either (for my young age I'm kind of a hairy guy). Even though it's only happened once I like it, but it gives me the sense that you're in more of a "playful" mood.

    • Okay cool. Yeah, he seemed to like it but I wanted to see what other people thought. It just seemed like really nice. When I am upset or depressed I put my hand on his chest under his shirt...It is calming, and feels more intimate. I had had the urge to kiss his stomach a few times, so I did. Its just...really nice. lol

    • Well I'm glad you like it probably just as much as he does. I mean, it is kind of soothing and relaxing. I mean, I could do nothing all day but if I'm with my girlfriend and we're elbows length apart from each other, I'm gonna like it. I think it's the intimate part that guys like about it.


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  • Personally I like it. I've never had a girl just randomly start doing it though so maybe that is a sign that not many guys do. Why don't you ask him if he liked it?

    • Haha it wasn't like wicked random. We have been dating 7 months, and I had wanted to for a while.

  • It can be really hot. And if she keeps going down it's a great warm up!

  • that's never happened to me but I would definitely like it


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  • Yup I love kissing the chest and stomach ; I kiss my little bro on the stomach

    Playfully once in a while