My ex boyfriend told me to drop dead I still have feelings for him. he was the first guy I ever trusted

my ex boyfriend out of the blue called me annd told me to drop dead I said why are you calling me he goes you I am dating your best friend then he goes to tell I never liked you I thought you were fat and ugly and I want you to drop dead now my best friend is dating what do I do


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  • I'm so sorry to hear that this happened. I think the best thing to do is to move on! I know it can seem unimaginable not having him in your life anymore since you so dearly trusted him and he did this to you.

    But time does heal wounds and you really don't want someone like that in your life! You deserve someone that will treat you with the utmost respect. As hurtful as his words are you have to know that there are decent men out there who would never do something like this to someone they cared about. Maybe you miss the idea of who you thought he was but saw him for who he truly is!

    His actions were very immature and in my opinion you are much better off without him.

    Time does really heal so take this time to focus on you :) Focus on the positives and what you love in life and when the right person is meant to come along he will!


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  • You should just stop contacting him. Block him.

    He's being offensive, disrespectful and rude.


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  • Sweetie, just get one thing: Doesn't matter how much you like this one guy, if he shows himself as that stupid once, you can count he is going to be stupid for the rest of his lifetime, and you can count on it that this "friend" of yours is going to go through hell. Forget him, and even forget your friend, if she is not truly sorry about it. People who don't deserve you, simply don't deserve you and that's it.