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Would you date a single Mother/Father? and Why?

If you met a person, he/she was a really kind, and nice person to you and then... he/she tells you that he/shes a single mom/dad. What would you do?... Show More

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  • Absolutely not. He should be with his kid's mother.

    • What if she is an addict or dead?

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    • are you like 16 anon answerer?

    • your mom is 16 cheeseboy

What Girls Said 13

  • I might because I'm 28 and it's hard to find single unmarried guys at my age that are interested in me but he'd have to have an exceptionally good personality.

  • Nope that's a deal breaker for me. Almost being 30 it has really narrowed down my dating pool. I never had the urge to have children even when I was married, I definitely don't want to deal with someone else's baggage. MY single parent friends ALWAYS have drama with the baby mom/dad. I don't want to deal with that either. Someday I might have to change my mind.

  • Right now no... I am in no position to even start a serious relationship of any kind nor am I at that level where I am ready to have kids or look after any I can rarely keep myself standing these days and I have no idea what I really want with my life so definitely not. It sucks as I am attracted to great guys who want to stay with a decent girl forever but I think right now they deserve better.

  • No, I wouldn't be able to date a single dad. I'm not ready for that type of relationship or those types of expectations. There are already too many question marks in my head--do I want children? do I want to get married... ever?--for this to be fair to the single dad, the children, their mom, or me. But yeah, I could be friends.

  • Well, to me, it would be the answer to my "prayers". I'm not shure I want to go trough with child labor. basic as that. I don't hate children, heck, I would love to have them, but not neccesarily my own. For the longest time I have felt like there are so many people in this world, I don't have to be overcrowding it any more, expecially when there are children without parents. I don't see the necceserity of continuing my "genepool" with children. For me, to give a child, any child a loving "parent" would be enough of something that I want to be leaving in theyr memory after I die. And if both original parents of the child is cabable and loving? My god, how lucky would that child be? To have more than two parents that would love them? That would try and stick with them trough the good AND the bad? (I mean, I would expect a lot of "YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!" in the teenage years (amongst others), but maby not being the actual mother would give them a person who is close to them, but not theyr biological parent? they would know that if I loved them, it would not be because of biological oblications.)I know my toughts might sound VERY naive, but that is how I feel. I really don't know if I would want a child that was from me, but I would still love to have a child. wether it be 1, 5 or 10 years old (any older and people would not be trying to be polite on them guessing wether we were siblings or bff's... Less than 10 years in age gap... Then no, but that would not be because of the childs age, but more on the fathers age.)

    • thats great cause, people forget that scientists have already analzyed we are heading towards total resource exhaustion based of our exponential(yes exponential) world population growth.

  • To be honest, I myself wouldn't because I don't like children >.< It doesn't mean I won't like the parent, though! I could be the best of friends with this person, but when I date, I date seriously. I date the person with the intentions of spending the rest of my life with them, right? Treat it like the way I want a relationship :) The problem with myself dating a parent is...I have to ask myself if I can live together with that person and the child and still be happy. Since I just don't like kids, I won't put myself or that other wonderful person through a relationship that I feel I wouldn't be able to work with. I can't date the person because I know that I would wound them, since I don't want the child in my life.

  • There would be a possibility that I would. Personally I love kids, but I want them when I'm older. If the guy I love or like at the time has a child then I can embrace it... unless of course the mother gives me a hard time... then maybe it would be time to call it quits... but sure I could do it.

  • Yes, I would for the right guy.

  • Probably not, no. I want my own kids. I wouldn't want to feel like they're mine but know they're not, and that I'd missed so many milestones in their lives. Unless of course I truly loved them. Then anythjng is possible.

  • yes, I love kids.

  • No I don't want any baby mama drama.

  • No. I don't like kids. I can't put up with any of them for more than twenty minutes. Couldn't handle someone else's kid. I don't even want my own kids. That and I'm a virgin. I will marry a virgin. I only date to find a spouse. So I wouldn't date him. It'd be like walking into an all ready made family.That and the whole "used d***" thing...I just can't handle the idea of having a d*** in me that's been in someone else's vagina.

What Guys Said 9

  • I personally wouldn't. At least not at this age. If I'm single into my 30's I'd probably be more mature to this

  • Noi don't have kids

  • wow, really sad and disappointed at all the people who say no because "I want my own kids" (as if a single parent won't want more kids) or "I don't wanna deal with that baggage" (kids are baggage? *sigh*). Honestly. Is it that hard to give something or someone a chance? Is it that easy to universalize any category of person? Jesus...Admitting you just aren't ready is fine. But to be so close-minded and quick to assume/project is just unfortunate, to say the least.Anyway, yes I would date a single mother, as long as she was open to the idea of having more kids. I want my own kids, but I have no problem with someone else's kids, as long as they (the mom and the kids) are okay with it. The one thing I like about mothers is that they tend to be more caring and selfless towards their mate. They also probably aren't stuck up c*nts and are way more appreciative of being treated well than the typical dumb chick. Plus if she's a good mother, that speaks volumes about her character. Of course, these things aren't always the case, but odds are in their favor.

  • i have a big "fetish" towards motherly women so that doesn't bother me. in fact, that turns me on so much...although I'm not sure if I would stick around and care for the kids. I would make a HORRIBLE father... which is one reason why I don't ever want kids.

  • no. I hate children.

  • It would depend on how much I like her. I feel that if I didn't see the relationship as something that would last practically forever, I wouldn't go for it. When dating a single mom, you run the risk of building a bond with her child(ren), and then breaking up with her. This would both leave you missing the kid(s), and the kid(s) feeling like they lost their chance of having a new dad. However, if I felt confident that she was the one, and it would be taken all the way to marriage, I would go for it.

  • No

  • No I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to get between her and the kid.

  • Dating someone with a kid is like playing a game from somebody else's save file...Need I say more?