Mixed emotions about a girl.

I've known her for almost 4 years now I think. We talk every day, if I don't text, she'll text me, and freak out if I don't text her for a few days. I know there's a connection because she liked me before and constantly flirts with me. One day I made a move and she said " I'm not looking for a boyfriend right now, (broke up with ex at the beginning of summer), but I'm not rejecting you I wanna go out with you when I'm ready".

So what the hell lol

On one hand, she is the only girl I think about. From the minute I wake up till I go to sleep, its crazy. And on the other hand I feel like making an ass out of myself, and being peristent might not help but just get me hurt in the long run.

What do you people think? Should I be persistent, and hopefully the girl of my dreams will be mine, or move on.


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  • Oh wow. I was definitely in an almost identical situation (except I was on the other side). Actually I'm still in it lol. But from her perspective, she could either be: a) leading you on because she likes the attention or b) still not in an emotional place to be in another relationship at the moment.

    But either way it's still unfair for her to be flirting with you "constantly" if she's not ready to take it anywhere and I think you should bring that up, in a nice way of course. Just the next time she says or does something flirty you can say that it's confusing when she acts that way because you don't know what she really wants, when she already knows what you want.

    God luck.


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  • When a girl breaks up with either a guy she really loved or a guy who was an as*hole, it's really hard to get into a relationship soon after (a few months later). So I'd say just let her have her time. Don't try to pressure her into going out with you because that can drive her away.

  • she is probably still recovering over her ex. give her time and when she is ready, make your move. Just give it time and take it slow. Try to be understanding.

  • Shes probably still going through heart break.. she told you she's interested in you, so take it slow, stay friends for now and see where it goes. Would you rather hstuff things up by trying to push her into something she's already told you isn't quite ready for or wait and enjoy your friendship as it and be greatful she cares about you, when shea ready she will let you know especially if youve already made that firat move.. goodluck!


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