Do guys not like "spunky" girls or is it a complete turn on?

And in spunky I mean a VERY specific group of girls, not the bitchy Paris Hilton types or the ones who start crap (cough cough Joan Rivers). Not even the ones with good intentions but serious voice inflections and attitude.

I'm talking about more of a smart, witty girl. One that doesn't really have voice inflections but a medium to high pitched, relaxed voice. Ones that speak their mind, have a few cute quirks, and can really keep up with you and your guy friends. A sweet girl that doesn't show her sweet side "as often". She has a temper but it's more in a cute way, and she knows better than to because real harm. She's also wise, but keeps her emotions more hidden than you expect. A spunky girl can be real funny too, along with a total hard ass personality when needed. She also is more on the thin side with a baby-ish face and often paired with long hair. When she's mad she just simply shuns you. She sometimes cusses for emphasis. Can be classy in times of need. She often smiles and laughs. Has the ability to hang out with anyone and be liked. Her dress is pretty much a mix between tomboy and California girl. She often gets called a honey badger, and if you haven't seen the video, it means she doesn't really care and just has fun. But only in non-serious issues.

Why I'm asking is because she sorta just got her man stolen from this girl...

She's the sweet, caring motherly type that likes small animals. (I wouldn't be surprised if she sang to them...) She has a really high voice with serious inflections and often uses her manners often. She's usually quiet and gets her work done all the time and doesn't really care if people like her or not. She likes to do things for people and still laughs at jokes but not a lot. When you make a mistake, she just looks at you like your mother does or just says "EEEEEw." She doesn't really talk to anyone outside her clique and has very preppy dress clothes. Seems VERY easy to please and make "giggle".

It's funny because they're almost...opposite! Tell me the truth, I'm not going to change at all, so which one's more attractive? Girls, who do you think is liked better by guys?
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Do guys not like "spunky" girls or is it a complete turn on?
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