How much space do I need to give to this Libra girl.

I believe I ruined any chance I had to be together with this Libra girl. I've known her for a couple years. Didn't really had the nerve to talk to her til early this year. When we did start talking things were great, we were texting, FB messaging, hanging out. Exchanging birthday presents. I've tried to patient with her all year and just try to be good friends with her first. Lately I've been falling for her. I bring her dinner to her work sometimes because I know she works long hours. She's a bartender. She use to like it and now she doesn't. I can tell, because of course she won't say no directly to me.

The messaging has stopped, whenever I do text her or message her I get no reply. She claims she's not receiving my messages. We do live 45 minutes apart away but I'm not buying it. So clearly that means she wants space but whenever my friends and I go out to her bar she works at, she looks happy to see me and hugs me. This past Monday I went out with my friends and to go see her at work. She wasn't feeling well so I left and came back and brought her medicine. Later I had no idea I had 6 beers at the time, so clearly I was drunk. One of my friends and me got in an argument and when it was over I still had my defense guard up waiting to criticize the next person, don't know any other way of explaining it. So when she came by I accidentally snapped at her and had no idea what I did until my friend said something. Then I got a text from the Libra (now she can text?) saying she didn't mean to get me mad. I became so remorseful and got spooked and didn't say another word that night. I couldn't even look at her but I did say I was sorry. She gave me a tight hug and told me to be careful getting home. There's this concert coming up, its her favorite band. I sadly can't go with her but I messaged her if she like the tickets. She hasn't respond. What can I do? I'm a Cancer guy.


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  • If she hasn't responded maybe she isn't all that interested. Not in the way you seem to be at least. I'm a Libra as well so I know how passive we tend to be with certain issues. It's weird that she wouldn't reply to your texts though..even if I wasn't interested in a guy I'd talk to him but I'd be mindful of what messages I'm sending out to him. Most of us are excellent at given the cold shoulder and if we don't want to talk to a person, it's not happening. Maybe she's overworked and stressed from her job?

    • Ok I agree with everything you said. But here's what puzzles me. I guess my next question is can Libras be two-face sometimes? Just when I think things are not right (phone, FB, etc. She acts like everything "is fine" in person! Assures me she's not mad, and she loves me? I know y'all have trouble saying no, but that there confuses me. For now I'm going to leave her alone. I've already deleted her number, thinking of deleting her on FB. I hope she doesn't take it the wrong way.

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    • Thank you

    • No problem. Thanks for BA :D


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  • Oh man, she's ungrateful. Move one, she will just continue her antics and destroy you.

  • First of all I don't believe in Astrological signs. Second I think she's only interested in a friend. You already know this because she isn't contacting you as much. As a bartender we are friendly and flirty with everyone, that's how we get attention, tips and regulars.

    • Do you think she only cares about my tip money now, and not even friendship? Forgot more than friends now that you mention that. Because she acts like everything is fine in person. Assures me she's not mad, stop worrying. I've had a similar job, I know if you no matter what look happy and cheerful and be polite, you have a good chance to make a big tip.

    • Without knowing her I can't answer that. I'd stop going out of my way to be friendly with her. Go to different bars. If you never hear from her again then you know.

    • Thank you

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