10 Best Male Butts On Display in Comic Books

Best male butts in comic books

I got inspired to write this after I found a tumblr dedicated to Dick Grayson's ass. These are just the ones that I think look best :P

10. Captain America

#1 reason why you should read Secret Avengers

9. Thor

8. Flash

7. Doctor Manhattan

6. Superman

5. Cyclops

4. Deadpool

I know some people expected him to be higher but I've seen better

Ryan Reynolds makes it look even better in spandex.

3. Wolverine

2. Spider-Man

My booty senses are tingling πŸ‘€

Also thought this was funny :D

1. Nightwing

This one is a no brainer. His butt has been sexualized more than any other character's (maybe even more than any female character's)


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