Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels

Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels That Were Released In Thearters

11. Blair Witch 2

Blair Witch 2 didn't deliver like the first one said by many and even though many the only good thing about this one it didn't have a shaky camera in it and does nothing that really connects with the first.

10. Wolverine 3: X-Men The Last Stand

Having a ton of characters add up to nothing in this movie which disappointed many people

9. Clerks 2

It didn't do things to capture what made the first Clerks such a good movie

8 The Transformers Sequels

Even though people thought the first movie was stupid they thought it can be kind of fun and had a couple of laughs. Then when the second one happened all the sequels to the movie became the same as the second all explosions and fighting. And many say they were trying to insult and trying to ruin what the first Transformers movie was trying to do.

7. X-Men Origins Wolverine

They never gave X Men another origin story and they ruined it with this movie on the first try to make an origin story. And what should've been the easiest story to be awesome not only does little of continuity match up with the X Men movies. Also Deadpool has pretty much little to no connection to his character.

6. Blues Brothers 2000

Many said unlike the first one its not funny. And many people were very upset that it just ended in the middle of a chase scene.

5. Jaws 3D

Many found this movie beyond embarrassing. It's been called one of the most laughably lame effects ever. Also the other effects. They freeze frame these effects too holding on to these uncomfortable illusions. Many find the story forgettable and the characters are bad.

4. Superman 4

Most people think this is the worst superman movie. And many said it had some of the worst effects out of all of them.

3. Batman And Robin

Fans want a Batman Movie where they can take Batman seriously. Many consider it to be the worst Superhero sequel made.

2. Son Of The Mask

With hurrying nightmarish imagery and many people complain how awful the cast is. People also complain how unfunny it is and many say it has some of the worst CGI ever. "And it's a of something alright but its certainly not The Mask".

1. Troll 2

Many consider to be a so bad its good movie. But not only considered by many as the worst sequel ever made but its also been considered the worst movie ever made. It does what every horrible sequel is supposed to do. It has horrible acting horrible writing awful effects And of course has nothing to do with the first Troll movie literally nothing! Their is no connection. In fact their not even trolls their goblins. This is such a bad movie they even made good movies on how bad movie it really is. They are documentaries studying this film. It's something of a marvel. It's very similar to The Room on a so bad its good things. It is hilariously awful and incredibly entertaining. And even the people acting in it called it the worst film ever made. Everyone who knows bad movies knows this film. It gets everything absolute wrong. But it just happens to get all of them wrong in the right ways.

This is mostly based on popular opinion. And has been said by many. Also to be a contender for the list it the first has to be called legibility good by people. Because if the first is bad you should expect the sequels to be bad. I hope you like my list (:


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  • I've only seen 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 but I agree with all of them. I'd also like to add the Matrix sequels. The second one was still fine but the third was awful.


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  • Blair Witch 2 - I liked the lack of shaky camera.
    X-Men The Last Stand - It was a good movie, but you're right about too many characters.
    Clerks 2 - I never watched it.
    The Transformers Sequels - I liked only the first two movies, because of Megan Fox ;)
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine - It was ok, but nothing special.
    Blues Brothers 2000 - I never watched it.
    Jaws 3D - It was a solid movie, if you compare it with "modern" (dumb) shark movies like Sharknado, Sand Sharks, Atomic Shark, Ghost Shark, Sharktopus, Mega Sharks, Swamp Shark, 2-Headed Shark Attack, Avalanche Sharks and many other utterly stupid shark movies.
    Superman 4 - It was actually quite a good movie in my opinion.
    Batman and Robin - It was much better than Batman Forever, so it's definitely not the worst sequel.
    Son of The Mask - Absolutely, one of the worst movies I ever saw.
    Troll 2 - Oh believe me, the only thing bad about this movie is the fact there is no trolls in it, only the goblins but... Troll 3 (The Crawlers) is the worst sequel (there are no trolls nor goblins, the main antagonists are killer plants).

    • Well even people who saw Trolls 3 thought Trolls 2 is worse and its hard to disagree also with Superman 4 your in the small percentage with that one also the reason why people don't like Blair Witch 2 as said before theirs no connection with the first one also most people think Batman And Robin is the worst Superhero movie hard for me to disagree with that

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    • Yep, Jay and Silent Bob are so funny :D

    • It sounds like it's a fun movie


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  • Great List. Beautifully Done, hun.
    I bet "Troll2" is Stupendous!!
    Thanks for the Kind Invite. xx

  • Wolverine Origins WAS AWESOME SAUCE!! It doesn't belong on the list

    • Based on popular opinion a lot of people didn't like that sequel

  • Interesting list yeah most of these movies were really bad😕

  • The only one of these I've seen is Superman 4 lol

    • And what did you think of it and did you read the descriptions?

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    • It's on the list of Worst Movies Of All Time and its not surprising because very little people like it (: I hope you don't mind me asking can I message you I want to ask you something

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  • Haha funny and pretty good list. :D

    However, I just wanted to point out that the photo of Hugh Jackman that you put up under "The Last Stand" was actually from the movie "Days of Future Past" -- the part where he first goes back in time, and fights a bunch of mobsters in a hotel room. xD Incidentally, "Days of Future Past" was one of the BEST movie sequels. :P

    • I just got the woman who can fix mytakes to correct that mistake and thanks bud (:

    • Haha no problem! lol Hugh Jackman clearly looks younger in the fixed picture now, which makes sense (since the movies were made 8 years apart). xD

  • can't disagree with any of these

    i'd add dumb and dumberer... that movie was just awful

    • the biggest tragedy was clerks 2. the others were pretty big blockbusters so i was not surprised the studios unwisely pushed out a sequel. clerks however was an indie cult classic and clearly kevin smith wanted to try and cash in or something

    • I guess the reason why Clerks 2 happened was because he became a pretty big director

  • So I do understand why Weekend At Bernie's II did not make the list!

  • Just wanted to say the "popular opinion" this list has been based on is in fact the "popular opinion" of Doug Walker, aka The Nostalgia Critic:
    This entire list was copy-pasted from his video, and I don't see any credit given. So I'd like to point out that it looks like you're fishing for xp by not creating anything original. Doesn't mean the discussions below aren't valid, I just feel like he should get credit here.

    If you like lists like these, please check out other Nostalgia Critic episodes and reviews. I think he's hilarious.

    • I love Nostalgia Critic but I didn't credit him because it seems practically no one on here knows him for some reason ):

    • Also I did plenty of my own points in the description

  • 0|1
    • What did you think of my list? (:

    • It was good. I've always felt that most of the X-Men movies had potential to be better but unfortunately, this is one of the very few times where Marvel fucks up with their live-action films.

  • Transformers lol its hard to tell the movies apart as they all have the exact same script and special effects though getting rid of Shia LaBeouf's charcter was genius. It's like for movies featuring Optimum and the yellow guy.

  • Looks like troll two and Blair witch two are the worst

  • Not gonna put Star Wars? I was positive that would be #1.

    • I was going to but I never really want to talk about those movies to be honest thank you for your opinion (:

  • Im a Wolverine fan. as for Clerks, my friend acted in it, so I like it.

    • Well even a lot of Wolverine fans didn't like those movies and do you mean your friend acted in the first or second one because I said Clerks 2 not the first one

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    • Jaws was ok. Liked the Blues Brothers

    • Do you mean the originals? Also I love the first Jaws (:

  • Where's the new Ghostbusters? Also Matrix 3 and a couple more could be on the list like 70% of the Fast & Furious franchise.

  • troll 2 is not a sequel

    • It's a sequel to Troll but barely lol

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    • No it's not because they were in no way connected

    • I know but they managed to attach the title