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Does it mean anything if a girl calls you honey?

So there is this girl that used to go to the same college as me. But we haven't really talked till last December or so. She decided to drop out of... Show More

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  • 1) It could be that she is just a very friendly girl, sometimes guys even got the wrong idea of me in the past as I call everyone hun or honey, even to girls and my family. Then again, the information you gave about her sexual life that I assume she told you, is quite worrying and a sign.

    2) I'd back off a little if she starts flirting or taking it any further. If this happens explain to her that it just wouldn't be right. She has a child and a husband, it would not be very moral to complicate things. In all means be friends, but make it clear that there is a limit and a borderline between friendship and potentially destroying a families life.

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