I told him his ex is fat and ugly, now he's mad?

He brought his ex up in conversation, and he overheard her talking about my friend, saying all these mean things about my friend. I just said, "we'll your ex girlfrien has no right to say those things about my friend, especially since she is downright ugly and fat." Well I thought he would agree,... Show More

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  • You insulting her, is in turn insulting him, or so he feels. His ex shouldn't have opened her mouth about your friend, but you're just as bad now, by insulting his ex. So he puts up his defenses because of your statement, and sees you as less attractive, because you're calling out another person, that's a sign of insecurity and meanness at heart. Guys don't want a mean insecure girl, they want a kind hearted girl who has confidence. So you quite effectively made yourself seem less of a gem in his eyes, nice work.

    • Wow, now you sound defensive for some reason. You really didn't need to say "nice work". Why don't you practice what you preach, you f***ing hypocrite. Thanks for nothing

    • Hey, You R the one who asked. I didn't call you fat or ugly or anything superficial. I called you mean & insecure. That was a mean & insecure thing that you did. Plus, asking commenter Phoenix what to do if he still cares for her, reaks of insecurity. Can't you see that? There is nothing to do you can't bend the will of a person's heart. I doubt that should be a concern for you anyway, it's natural to stick up for an ex, part of him will ALWAYS care for her. If he felt you were 2nd, he would look for sum1 else