The difference between TIGHTS and LEGGINGS

The difference between TIGHTS and LEGGINGS

Many people confuse this and use the terms synonymously. BOTH are meant to be skin tight or to fit closer to the skin.


Are made of a thinner material and most of the time are made without a leg seam. They can come in footed or footless and are supposed to be worn under something else (anything that will cover the top part. The "patch" between the legs is called a "gusset" and incorporated for a better fit and also allows the tights to be worn without underwear as the gusset is often made of a breathable cotton and is hygenic. They will often be less opaque (see through) as the material stretches by bending the feet, knees or butt. They will also easily reveal any panty line from undergarments.

LEGGINGS: also known as YOGA PANTS (not very accurate due to varying styles of pants made for yoga)

Usually made out of a thicker material and most of the time they are fully opaque (not see through). There is always a seam on the inside of the legs and perhaps elsewhere (outside, in front or in the back). Most of the time, they are footless. Footed leggings do exist! They can be worn as pants. They tecnically are "pants" if you read the definition of "pants" from multiple sources. Leggings are very durable on the most part due to their thicker fabric. They are usually appropriate to wear on their own as they are usually fully opaque and do not reveal any undergarments, whereas tights are usually more see through due to a thinner fabric. While there are tights that are more opaque than leggings, they are generally thinner and have more stretch due to their fine fibers, but as a result, lower durability and easily stretched out to become more see through.


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  • Wrong.

    Leggins are always footless (footed "leggins" are just thick thights) but not always made of thicker material. Usually they show through panty line and panties if you bend. Jeggins are made of thicker material, they kinda resemble jeans. Tgey are not pants so please cover your ass

    • There is no rule that states that tights are always footed, just as there is no rule that leggings are always footless. Footless tights and leggings with feet both exist and I own both :). Leggings will ALWAYS have an inseam, whereas tights will not. Please view Yummie "Brenda" leggings and several other models by Heather Thompson. They also refer to some of their models as "pant". Also, Lululemon's Wunder Under pant (they are leggings) but are still sold with "pant" in the title. "Pant (s)" refer to an item of clothing worn on the legs, from the hips down. Regardless if anyone thinks seeing someone's butt is appropriate or not, the term, by definition, still applies.

    • But that is exactly what separates thights and leggins. Thights are footed, leggins are not.

    • But there are footless "tights" by title and description, and there are footed tights, just like there are footless leggings, and the very uncommon footed leggings. I stated most of the differences in mytake. Leggings have an inseam (the line of stitching that closes the material to form the "tube" for your leg, whereas tights do not have this. Footed or footless is irrelevant, although most leggings themselves tend to be footless, but this does not make all footed legwear tights, and not all footless legwear leggings.

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  • Leggings are only anckle lengh unless having stirrups and made of cotton and spandex most thighs are footed but u CAN get footless they NORMALLY DONTnave inseams and are thiner then leggings pantyhose ARE like tights but aways sheer. Pantyhose have a number of health benefits. I wear all 3 of them


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  • Footed leggings are thick tights actually. Some leggings are very flimsy to be worn on their own. And you forgot jeggings

    • There are thick tights, but there are also footed leggings. I myself used to own a pair that were footed and had an inseam right down to the foot and made of material that several pairs of leggings I own are made out of. I will also ask, does this mean footless tights are leggings? Not all the time.

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