Why do girls look at guys' shoes?

whats the connection girls make between a guys shoes and a guy. and what shoes are good to wear if ur a dude?


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  • okay where I live, girls look at a guy's feet because the size of a guy's feet gives a girl an indication a rough estimate on his penis size. and I'm being serious about this answer.

    visvim shoes are nice, go check them out!

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      Best answer right here

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      Wow how many times must I say this? I'm about to hit everyone of you with a club for being this dense. I wasn't kidding when I said people here DO check out guys' feet sizes to see if they have a 'big package', but it's just a fun thing to do and nobody takes it seriously. it's just like astrology, fun to talk about but isn't anything worth taking seriously. STOP TELLING ME THERE IS NO CORELATION BETWEEN PENIS AND FOOT SIZE. I ALREADY FUGGING KNOW THAT SHIT. FK SAKES.

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      Well that's an interesting theory....full marks........