Why do girls look at guys' shoes?

whats the connection girls make between a guys shoes and a guy. and what shoes are good to wear if ur a dude?


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  • okay where I live, girls look at a guy's feet because the size of a guy's feet gives a girl an indication a rough estimate on his penis size. and I'm being serious about this answer.

    visvim shoes are nice, go check them out!

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    • Wow how many times must I say this? I'm about to hit everyone of you with a club for being this dense. I wasn't kidding when I said people here DO check out guys' feet sizes to see if they have a 'big package', but it's just a fun thing to do and nobody takes it seriously. it's just like astrology, fun to talk about but isn't anything worth taking seriously. STOP TELLING ME THERE IS NO CORELATION BETWEEN PENIS AND FOOT SIZE. I ALREADY FUGGING KNOW THAT SHIT. FK SAKES.

    • Well that's an interesting theory....full marks........

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  • I really don't pay pay much attention to a guy's shoes. I might look at them and think, "Hey, he's wearing such-and-such," but that's pretty much the end of my thought process on the matter.

    I think the only shoes I find utterly unattractive on a guy are crocs. Other than that, wear whatever you want.

  • Shoes really aren't a big deal to me. I do have a favorite and least favorite for guys though. Least=Running Shoes


    It really doesn't matter though.

  • different girls have different styles. you should have a style yourself, so try to find shoes that fit your style, music style or whatever.

    personally, I hate sandlas on guys, crappy flip flops especially the fat ones are bad, I don't reaaally like basketball sneakers but I guess theyre okay,

    anything classical is good, and clean is almost necessary. I mean if a guy I see has great clean shoes, ill think he takes good care of himself. ++ but it goes beyond the shoes, after you pass that TEST its up to the wardrobe next... I think you should just be true to yourself... I expect my guys to have great to decent shoes because I try my best to look great and to have up to date clean and pretty shoes.

  • There are definitely shoes I find more attractive on guys (chucks, winklepickers, etc) because they're part of a certain 'look' I find really hot. But if a guy wears different shoes like sneakers or something, I won't hold it against him. The guy I'm interested in right now wears skate sneakers =)

  • I check out a guys shoes just to see his shoes d:

    Shoes that look good on guys: anything skate, all stars, basketball shoes, combat boots.

  • Yeah, I have to admit, I haven't looked at too many guy's shoes before. I sometimes might look at their shoes as an overall part of their outfit, like if they are clean and well put together, which is usually a good sign. I certainly (and neither does ANYONE I know) don't look at a guy's shoes as any indication of their penis size, that's ridiculous. Who cares?

  • I really couldn't care less unless he was wearing trash bags.

  • i don't know really, but I like a guy that has nice shoes

    preferablysome nice trainers, or sneakers if that what you call them?


  • They're probably just checking out your shoes. I doubt there really thinking much about it, unless your wearing shoes that draw a lot of attention.


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  • I think girls check out a guy's shoes, because if they are nice, or at least clean, then they know he's probably not a slop.

    Also, as has been said, whether the correlation is true or not, I think many girls still think they can get an idea of a guy's d*** size by the size of his feet. I have a size 14 foot, and girls often make comments.