Do guys really care so much about looks?

I've noticed recently that guys tend to look at my older sister more then me. The only reason I can think of is that she's prettier then me (which is true). But she also has bigger boobs.

Do you guys really pay so much attention to what girls look like? Or do they pay attention to personality too?


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  • Looks are the first thing we notice. Then we judge based of that, the way she talks, moves, behaves... then if we actually start a convo with her, we notice her personality, quirks, the more important thing about her...

    I could find Girl A REALLY hot and attractive... but if she opens her mouth and says something stupid(so stupid it blows my mind) than I couldn't give a sh*t about her looks lol. id still bang her, but with a gag. otherwise, relationship wise, id GLADLY pass her to the next guy.

    personality counts WAY more than anything else tbh. But you can't be attracted to a man/woman if you aren't as attracted to their looks as well as their personality. it comes hand in hand.

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      Agreed. We very well can't know that you are intelligent and have a good personality just by looking at you. We generally come for the physical attraction and stay for the personality.

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      A girl's looks also tell us a lot about how she takes care of herself.. girls do that too with guys.. like if I was fat and unattractive, then you can tell I don't take care of my body.. same thing goes to girls.. if they don't put effort into their looks, then they don't deserve a guy who puts effort into his.

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