Do guys really care so much about looks?

I've noticed recently that guys tend to look at my older sister more then me. The only reason I can think of is that she's prettier then me (which is true). But she also has bigger boobs.

Do you guys really pay so much attention to what girls look like? Or do they pay attention to personality too?


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  • Looks are the first thing we notice. Then we judge based of that, the way she talks, moves, behaves... then if we actually start a convo with her, we notice her personality, quirks, the more important thing about her...

    I could find Girl A REALLY hot and attractive... but if she opens her mouth and says something stupid(so stupid it blows my mind) than I couldn't give a sh*t about her looks lol. id still bang her, but with a gag. otherwise, relationship wise, id GLADLY pass her to the next guy.

    personality counts WAY more than anything else tbh. But you can't be attracted to a man/woman if you aren't as attracted to their looks as well as their personality. it comes hand in hand.

    • Agreed. We very well can't know that you are intelligent and have a good personality just by looking at you. We generally come for the physical attraction and stay for the personality.

    • A girl's looks also tell us a lot about how she takes care of herself.. girls do that too with guys.. like if I was fat and unattractive, then you can tell I don't take care of my body.. same thing goes to girls.. if they don't put effort into their looks, then they don't deserve a guy who puts effort into his.


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  • I suppose your sister is over 18 (or looks like she is)

    They might look at your sister because they feel you're too young.

  • This really depends on the guy. Personally I try and find a woman's strengths, and even if I may not be super attracted to her I find myself seeking out good qualities and in this sense I'm attracted to her in some sense. I have seen only a very few women I wasn't attracted to in some way. So for me while I definitely have an opinon on what is attractive I have a very broad spectrum of what I find attractive. I hope that doesn't seem to convoluted as an asnwer. I guess to answer your question above, I'm not all that hung up about looks.

  • Depends on the guys depth.

    "We attract hearts by the qualities we display; we retain them by the qualities we possess." -- Jean Baptiste Antoine Suard, French journalist (1734-1817) ...


  • Here is the cold hard truth, you can't see personality from across the room. You can see a hourglass figure with curves and long hair from across the room.

    Guys notice the looks and stay for the personality. When they get older (above 24-25ish) then they know what non stereotypical looks do it for them (looks that are more character driven then just large breasts and firm butts) looks that show character that are hard to define.

    It is impossible to know someones personality until you talk with them. I know your under 18 but do yourself a favor for the rest of your life and smile. A smile can trump T&A most of the time. Be calm, freindly, outgoing and talk. Share that great personality and put it on display just like the girls with the figures do.

    Toooooo many girls get overly nervous, depressed or introverted and that lack of confidence, joy & openness translates to guys as a cold, borring girl with an inferiority complex.

    Guys will avoid that like the plague unless it's just a conquest and honestly you don't want those guys.

  • Yes to both questions. Guys are easy because you don't have to be successful, you don't need a car, don't need a good family, don't need to be Mr Cool with connections. Guys will basically settle for something that looks and acts like a woman, no perks required. Of course when you're with your sister guys look more at her because frankly she's got a feminine advantage over you, like you described.

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  • I don't know what the legal age is over there, but maybe guys know they can legally have sex with your older sister and not with you. It's what guys that age all think about.

    And bigger boobs as well.

  • U sound like my sister! She always says that I have bigger boobs we looke similar kind of. But trust me looks are good but personality is what counts! I might be "better lookin" boobs etc. Butttt whenever guys talk to us they gravitate towards her! Why because my sister has a greatt personality, outgoin, open, nice and fun. I wish I was more like her. She is younger than me, I am more serious, I don't come off as nice or bubbly and super friendly, just because I am more reserved and just not as open to people like her. But anways just be yourself! Looks are important ofcourse just take care of yourself if you feel good about you so will others. Don't compare yourself to anyone

  • guys don't always pay attention to looks, I mean they have to be attracted to you of course but guys do have hearts just like gals but if you ask me guys are a lot nicer than you think they are. xx