Do guys really care so much about looks?

I've noticed recently that guys tend to look at my older sister more then me. The only reason I can think of is that she's prettier then me (which is... Show More

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  • Looks are the first thing we notice. Then we judge based of that, the way she talks, moves, behaves... then if we actually start a convo with her, we notice her personality, quirks, the more important thing about her...

    I could find Girl A REALLY hot and attractive... but if she opens her mouth and says something stupid(so stupid it blows my mind) than I couldn't give a sh*t about her looks lol. id still bang her, but with a gag. otherwise, relationship wise, id GLADLY pass her to the next guy.

    personality counts WAY more than anything else tbh. But you can't be attracted to a man/woman if you aren't as attracted to their looks as well as their personality. it comes hand in hand.

    • Agreed. We very well can't know that you are intelligent and have a good personality just by looking at you. We generally come for the physical attraction and stay for the personality.

    • A girl's looks also tell us a lot about how she takes care of herself.. girls do that too with guys.. like if I was fat and unattractive, then you can tell I don't take care of my body.. same thing goes to girls.. if they don't put effort into their looks, then they don't deserve a guy who puts effort into his.