Cute, Sexy, Beautiful, Gorgeous?

What is the difference between a guy calling you cute, sexy, gorgeous, etc?

I've always had this idea in my head that if a guy simply says you're "cute," that it means you aren't beautiful or gorgeous or something, but that you have a nice personality.

So, boys, is there any difference in these terms?


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  • Okay there is no difference. I usually say cute, even if the girl is gorgeous. Why? Because I don't want to give away all my chips. If I say, "Wow, you're gorgeous! " You'll think, "This guy really likes me. " You'll take the chips out of my hand so fast and run me like a damn marathon. I'm always modest because a girl has to know that she has no power over me, she can't just do any old thing. You never show a player all of your hand until the very end. If I hold out, I can make bluffs, and if I make bluffs, I can tweak the game so it goes my way. Okay now that I've obliged your request, answer me this. Do you think I should tell girls they're sexy or gorgeous instead of cute and why?

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      And no, I don't think so at all. I think it's pretty much the guy's choice as to what to call the girl they are dating or like, I just know that girls love to be called sexy or gorgeous once in a while, especially if it's always, "she's cute! "

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      Forget chips! If she can't take a compliment without trying to exploit you, she's not worth knowing. Let her tell on herself; if she snatches a chip, just keep walking. Tell the truth & let it set you free & score you points. Many men have called me beautiful, stunning & gorgeous, never cute, but whatever they call me, I know when they're holding back out of fear. Listen, if I want you, nothing will stop my pursuit. If I don't want you, nothing you do or say will change my mind. So just be honest

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      Additionally... Tricks are for kids silly rabbit. When you begin to surround yourself with a higher caliber of women, women who are worthy of you, and women you are worthy of, you'll find that not only are your bluffs, player-ism, and chips totally useless, but we will smell your insincerity from a mile away... and once again, you'll lose. So just be sincere, and let the chips fall where they may. What's meant to be will be.