My boyfriend is going to dress up this Halloween as Alice in Wonderland?

um...i really don't know where to start except I don't know why he would want to dress up as her and the thing is he is def going all out with the hair an makeup and shoes etc... so I kinda got freaked out by that but I don't know what to make of it I mean he is doing it for laughs for what he has said to me an his friends but I kinda disapprove especially out in public and what not so what do I do about this situation? how should I react? should I support it or what?


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  • link suggests Lewis Carroll, the writer of 'Alice in Wonderland' was a pedophile. I read elsewhere about witnesses to it too: link


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  • Last Halloween my girlfriend dressed up as a zombie. Thing is, it wasn't a sexy zonbie, it was a realistic pale-faced, creepy zombie. And it freaked me out a bit. So I can see how this would freak you out, maybe even more. I would leave it alone and see if he has any tendencies to dress up in girl's clothes on any other day of the year, then deal with that if he does.

  • it is halloween, people are supposed to get dressed up in weird costumes. I don't get what bothers you about this.

    • Its a guy in a girls costume.... that is what I'm saying I mean yea have fun with it I jus personally never did the whole halloween thing. to me its just for little kids and the thing of it is with my boyfriend he is going to do that and when he had told me I kinda was shoked at that.

    • You were shocked that people dress up for halloween? where do you live? and by that I mean what planet?

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  • it's still gay ;s and he likes to be a joke..will..

    • It might be a joke but I'm going to be with him and he does pass for a female when he does try so I don't know if he jus gets a high off of it or what but the thing is I don't exactly want him doing all that trying to impress whoever. I mean I don't know I'm kinda jus off of it with this type of situation I jus look the other way sooo I don't know how to react or evn what to do when I'm with him that night...any suggestions?

    • Tell him ! No, I don't want you to be as Alice in wonderland ! It's simply embarrassing!

  • I cracked up laughing when I read your note. Is he English? Those guys will dress up as women given any excuse. If he is English, don't worry at all. If he is not English, but he is in a frat, also don't worry. If he is not English and not in a frat, but outgoing, that is probably fine too. If he usually quiet and not outgoing, then I would be a little concerned.

    Seriously, if he had some kind of problem, he probably would not be dressing up in public.

    • Well that's good I can give a bit of a laugh through his stupidity but the thing is he is very outgoing/loud good looking to and does know how to say all the right things an when to say them soo I think he does it for the jokingly part of it but idk...i mean I jus kinda want a boyfriend that night not a girlfriend ya that's y I don't know if I should jus play along with it and like be flirtatious with it that night and pretend to not let it bother me or should I kinda let him do w/e with it and be on the side?

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    • Believe me, you can't look stupid on Halloween. Get some bunny ears and hang out with the pregnant lady and you'll be fine!

    • Alright then that works thx you very much