Girls, opinions on Speedos?

I work out a lot and have a good body. I have a V and some muscle too.
My girlfriend bought me a coupe pairs of Speedo recently.
I thought girls did not like speedos.
We we are going on vacation next week and she doesn't want me to being boardshorts. mWill I look dumb?


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  • If you have the body and she bought them for you why not. Im not a fan of them but go ahead wear them make your girlfriend happy


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  • Bring shorts in case. If you're comfortable enough wearing one then go for it, if you're worried you'd look dumb then wear trunks.
    Personally, I'm shocked when any guy wears a speedo whether they're fit or not. It's more skin than we're used to seeing on a guy lol I'd just think he was brave.

    • Cool. i am ok wearing speedos. I just don't want other women to find me unsightly if you know what I mean?

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    • Haha well good luck, hope the experience is a good one :)

    • I do too. The 3 girls that have seen me in speedos like them, and they are all pretty hot, so it shall be interesting...

  • No! I don't care how good you look, I do not loke speedos. I think a good looking guy in boardshorts is hot. I see a guy wearing a speedo and I think he is full of himself. Then again, I am not your girlfriend and she must like them. Do what makes you comfortable, though. I don't mind helping a guy pick out clothes, but I would never push something on him that he may not like or that will make him uncomfortable.

  • Board Shorts are better in my opinion

  • Never like them at all. Some things should just not be worn in public.

  • i dont like them.