Would a guy blush, smile, and maintain eye contact when I talk to him if he was not interested in me?

This is kind of a follow-up to my other question. I am just very shy and I want to be as sure as possible before I really put myself out there. When I speak to this guy he does all of those things. He stares at me a lot but when I go over and say hi he turns very red but he still has a huge smile on his face and keeps looking right into my eyes. He actually makes prolonged eye contact. Would he do these things if he didn't like me too. He must know I think he is hot since I went over to say hi or maybe he just thinks I was being friendly since it was at my party. I apologize if I am being a bit redundant-I just want to get this right. Thanks for your help everyone.


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  • I used to be really shy and I noticed that when an unattractive girl came up and talked to me I was normal, but when a cute girl walked up to talk to me, I was so excited I couldn't control myself and I would just bust out laughing or something. they always thought I was weird...anyways, I would say he likes you.

    • Thanks for your great comment. I think he would just avoid me if he was not interested. I guess coming to my parties and staring at me are pretty clear signs!


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  • you should definately ask him out. guys love that.


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  • He is attracted to you and giving off so many vibes he might as well hold up a sign.

    • LOL-thank you! That is what I need to hear! I guess he signals could not any more clear without just coming right out and saying so. I just get afraid of making a big jackass out of myself!

  • Oh girl he definitely likes you. Your right he wouldn't do those things if he didn't :)

    • Thank you so much for responding-like I told ArmyGuy I think he would just not come around if he was not interested in me too but I really need this positive feedback to boost my confidence-I have had a lot of boyfriends but I have never got with a guy who has a girlfriend-not cool I know but I am just so in to this guy-I want him badly!!!