What's a cute outfit to wear on a date to the fair?

Meeting a guy for first time at the fair
I NEED to look cute and make a good impression!!! Any tips?


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  • Hard to say without knowing what you look like.
    Generally speaking girls over analyze these things. Guys will think a girl looks cute in anything if he likes her.
    You could wear a garbage bag and he will think it's a new fashion trend - if he likes you then he doesn't care... simple.


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  • All of these suggestions are great! To me what Sadness82 suggested is Perfect! You could have the button up partially open, or open or buttoned all the way. A sundress would be Cute too. My best advice is this: Dress YOU! You seemed to like the jeans, tank & button up. If that's you & you're not 1 for wearing dresses, don't wear a dress just to impress someone. Likewise, if you hate tucking into jeans, or hate tucking out, don't do the opposite of what you like. You will be happier & more comfortable, which will show & you will look better! Oh, If you're a dresses & jeans girl, you can't go wrong either way! Go with your instinct! But as long as you like the style you're wearing, it's true that they guy is gonna like it no matter what it is! ! Hope this helps! :)

  • I would go with a summer dress

  • Wear a dress. A sun dress. For sun.


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