Why do actors try to squint in front of the camera?

Natural eyes
Why do actors try to squint in front of the camera?

In front of the camera

I am pretty sure they look just as good if not better naturally and their medium to big eyes seem dominating, then why dp they squint to look like mexicans lol?

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  • Because when they're on the red carpet or something, hundreds of camera flashes are going off in their face.
    Squinting is a normal reaction to that lol.

    • Most of those pics are not even paparazzi ones,

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    • Yeah but those are not even pics in peak daylight or in front of a thousand camera lol and yeah even zpolander walks around like that xD

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    • Ur right, brad pitt yeah he has the eye shape though i am pretty sure zayn malik and siddharth malhotra (the third guy in natural) are doing it very consciously, even george clooney to an extent


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What Girls Said 2

  • Its a common thing if you want to look good in pictures - squinting makes it seem like you're smiling with you eyes. It doesn't matter if you are smiling with your mouth or not, it makes you look better in pictures. You should try it next time you are photographed :))

  • They have a lot of bright light shining on them. This can be very blinding for some.


What Guys Said 3

  • There was a video about this on youtube I saw. The photographer explained that its makes the person more attractive by slighty squinting their eyes. Also the amount of light shone on them is bright so they would squint.

    • But they look better in the natural pics in my opinion, i have always felt almond shaped eyes are perfect for men

  • Yeah I always found that really strange

  • Probabably because there are bright lights and/or camera flashes to get the best picture quality