What does it mean when a guy says you have really pretty eyes?

So, I was on a bus sitting next to 3 of my friends--2 girls and a guy, and we were just talking. I don't know the guy too well, but I really like him and think he's nice. Anyways, there was an awkward silence and one of my friends was like "let's talk about eyes, eyes are really interesting" and then immediately the guy turned to me and said "you have really pretty eyes. I was thinking about that the whole bus ride but I thought it would be kind of weird if I said that randomly" Then he stared at me for a while and I thanked him and the conversation moved on. Does this mean anything?

oh, and I'll be a senior in high school and he'll be a freshman in college--if that means anything, haha


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What Guys Said 1

  • He sounds like he likes you. He made a compliment about your eyes because he wants you to feel good about yourself and know that he likes you. He's probably shy about talking to girls, so this was him being brave and letting you know he notices you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Im sorry...but what's up with all these "what does it mean...if he says this?" Questions.There's so many possibilities...he could a player in disguise...he could have sick creepy crush on you, he could envy your eyes,he could have a thing for eyes, he's a sincere guy that likes to make people feed good about themselves...i think I'll go with "he might like you" lol that was a sweet thing to say. some questions are worth asking but I think you know the answer already...you were there to hear him say it...what kind of vibe did you get?