How can I convince my boyfriend to grow his hair out?

I love my boyfriend more than anything the thing is physically it's not really that I'm not asking the moon just if he could let grow his hair to 12cm :/ then I would feel way more attracted to him but right now there is nothing that gives me the thing? How should I ask him in a way he would accept?

Thanks in advance :D


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  • Actually, if he likes his short hair it might get hard for you to change his mind. Guys with short hair like having short hair. It is easier to clean, to dry and to style (if he styles it, of course). I don't think you should push him to much because he could get the feeling that you do not like him as he is. Most guys are thinking about their hair a lot and are really conservative about it. Imagine he would ask you to cut your own hair short ( or let it grow). Wouldn't you feel insulted by that?

    • Well I don't have an idea. That's the problem, I don't want to push just being delicate about it (really don't know how to explain in english more easy in french xd) like saying : "longer hair would suit you so much !" or something better without vex him

    • Si tu veux, fait ca. :)


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  • Their is nothing wrong with asking him. However you need to respect whatever choice he makes, and not keep bringing it up again and again. If you can't respect his decision, then you do not respect him.


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  • Just tell him you think he would look cuter if he grew his hair out and if he didn't like it, than to cut it back to normal.