What is the best nail shape/style and length?

long, short, square, pointy, etc.which one do you prefer?

do guys find it a turn off when they see a girl with nails that are too long or too short (what is "too long" and "too short"?).or does it not make any difference?

(show a picture if you can)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Too long is horrible, short with no white is acceptable. A little length without being extreme is probably best, imo. I like the shape being a natural curve like the fingertip, pointy is scary, square is some kind of style that just isn't my preference. I don't think it matters much at all though, as long as they aren't exaggeratedly long.

    What kind of condition they're in is something I'd pay more attention to. As long as there isn't something wrong with them, they are nothing to concern yourself with, imo. I don't know about other guys, but I probably wouldn't really notice if you had a great manicure.

    Do however you like!