Curly Or Straight hair? Which Is More Attractive?

Okay so the first question was a total fail. Lol

so guys, which do you find more attractive on a female..curly or straight hair?


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  • It depends on the girl's hair in my opinion. Some girls look really good with curly and straight hair while others look better with straight hair rather than curly hair. Me personally I like both just about the same depeding on the girl. Overall I'd say it's a tossup just go with which hairstyle you like better because when you like the way you look you'll have more confidence and that's more attractive to me than a hairstyle. =)

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What Guys Said 48

  • Straight! It's like, one of the few "physical attractiveness factors" that immediately makes me look at a girl, I don't know why, it's just that way.

  • I have a slight preference for curly's so cute! ;-)

  • Straight, every day 365/24/7.

  • A little in between, like wavy hair. My filipina ex had wavy hair and it was just so hot!

  • CURLY! looks wild and sexy lol but than again straight can look hot too 0_o depends... some girls suit both, some suit just one way. Usually just curly though

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What Girls Said 21

  • I love curly hair! It looks fun to me!

  • NATURAL. Whatever it is, wear it proud.

  • I voted "Girls with straight hair" because I know my boyfriend prefers girls with straight hair.

    However, I think curly hair looks the best, personally.

  • i'd go wavy, curly, its just more sensual. not frizzy curly/wavy though. curls are more interesting and I'm assuming that curly/wavy hair is the type of hair that catches the eye easiest and fastest. I like curly

  • I like loose curls like the ones in your picture. It's pretty and natural looking. Straight hair can look good but it can also look stern, and I think curls are more romantic, better for dressing up.

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