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Curly Or Straight hair? Which Is More Attractive?

Okay so the first question was a total fail. Lol

so guys, which do you find more attractive on a female..curly or straight hair?

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  • It depends on the girl's hair in my opinion. Some girls look really good with curly and straight hair while others look better with straight hair rather than curly hair. Me personally I like both just about the same depeding on the girl. Overall I'd say it's a tossup just go with which hairstyle you like better because when you like the way you look you'll have more confidence and that's more attractive to me than a hairstyle. =)

What Guys Said 47

  • I have a slight preference for curly hair...it's so cute! ;-)

  • CURLY! looks wild and sexy lol but than again straight can look hot too 0_o depends... some girls suit both, some suit just one way. Usually just curly though

  • Straight! It's like, one of the few "physical attractiveness factors" that immediately makes me look at a girl, I don't know why, it's just that way.

  • A little in between, like wavy hair. My filipina ex had wavy hair and it was just so hot!

  • long and straight is the safe bet for most girls. that's who I tend to notice first. its just the epitome of femininity.

    however, there are certain girls who can rock the short and curly and man is that so hot.

  • straight

  • Curly hair.

  • Straight hair is best, but if the curls are natural, they're good too.

  • Straight, every day 365/24/7.

  • It doesn't really matter to me but if I had to choose I would choose curly hair.

  • Straight.

  • As long as she has hair, idgaf

  • straight hair.

  • doesn't really matter but I would have to say straight

  • depends on the girl's features. Some look really good with curls and some don't.

    Some are just more suited to straight hair, and there are some that just simply look better with curls.

    Errrr! We are talking about hair on the head, are we?

    • lol. Ofc. xD haha. tnx anyways :'')

  • imo doesn't matter to me but if I had to choose it would be straight

  • which ever is natural/suits the girl

  • I <3 girls with straight hair :-)

  • If your hair is the same length as the girls in the links...definitely the big bouncy curls. Verrrry sexy.

    • Me & nivek got it goin' on! (LOL)...the curls are much easier for a guy to run his fingers through...should you get to that point...There's nothing wrong with straight mind you, I love em both, but curls kick things into overdrive.

  • It depends on the girl. I like Curly hair though, but some girls look better with straight hair.

  • Straight, although slightly waved looks nice sometimes too.

    But if I had to pick between the two, I'd pick straight.

  • A very preferential thing, but I like a mix between. Mostly straight, then feathery around the ends.

  • Doesn't matter really, its how you display it.

    What I mean is that if you are comfortable and one hundred percent confident with what ever look you are going for than its extremely attractive. Its easy to tell when a girl is trying to hard to a certain look and its a major turn off.

    Just be comfortable with your personal style.

  • straight

  • Long and curly

    • Sorry, I accidentally down arrowed you, it was supposed to be an up! I totally agree!

  • For me, I prefer curly hair,coz its looks more natural,whether they make up it or not, than the aquired abnormally straight hair. I guess not less than 90% of the girls in these days used to make up their hair.

  • long and wavy it also depends on how tall she is and her figure

  • Lemme guess - you're in a dilemma: "Straighten or not to straighten those natural curls?"

    The answer is - whatever looks the best to a girl. Some look better with straight hair, others look better with wavy hair.

  • Both are good...maybe straight hair but, if so, by a slim margin...seem to be adding females from the Philippines...may as well try you as well!

  • wavy is more attractive and natural looking

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What Girls Said 20

  • I love curly hair! It looks fun to me!

  • I voted "Girls with straight hair" because I know my boyfriend prefers girls with straight hair.

    However, I think curly hair looks the best, personally.

  • Curly [=

  • i would like my hair much more if it was straight.

  • My hair is naturally straight. At one point I did want my hair to be curly but my family and friends said it just wouldn't be me they said it would be better to leave it striaght so I prefer straight hair.

  • NATURAL. Whatever it is, wear it proud.

  • curly

  • Straight or wavy.. I like them both! I'm actually going to get my hair wavy soon :)

  • i like both :)

    I have naturally curly hair

    but I straighten it

    just depends on how I feel that day

  • I have naturally curly hair because am mixed & I only keep it natural in the summer, otherwise I keep it straight. I to do every six week's go for treatments (deep conditioning)

  • I like loose curls like the ones in your picture. It's pretty and natural looking. Straight hair can look good but it can also look stern, and I think curls are more romantic, better for dressing up.

  • Most guys prefer straight

    I have curly hair and I love it :P

    It's more versatile & has a bit more character.

  • i'd go wavy, curly, its just more sensual. not frizzy curly/wavy though. curls are more interesting and I'm assuming that curly/wavy hair is the type of hair that catches the eye easiest and fastest. I like curly

  • I love curly hair! My mother has natural curly hair and I'm jealous. Haha

  • Straight is preferred by guys; it's said to be the most preferred hair type, followed by wavy then curly :P

    Straight is just sexier, often times healthier, shinier and they can run their hands/fingers through it. All of the girls they find sexy such as Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Mila Kunis, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lawrence-all have straight hair

    • ...so don't curl my hair for tonight? lol. I want girls' opinions too!

    • I'd say go straight. Can't go wrong :P It's a classic amirite?

      If you're aiming for sexy, definitely go straight

  • Which ever suits the girl. I love curly hair, but it doesn't look good on me.

  • wavy hair, ftw :D

    • lol of course you had to be a rebel and choose the in-between :p

    • hehe ;)

  • I have naturally curly hair and I think it looks better on me than straight hair, because my curly hair gives me a more softer and sweeter look. :) So curly it is!

  • Personally I like curly hair because I think it gives me a softer look than when I have straight hair. I naturally have curly hair and think it looks better than when I straighten it. Also I am Asian, and most of the Asians I know have straight hair and it's nice to be the unique one without straight hair. :)

  • Straight or wavy.

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